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Penticton, BC - Steam Cleaning

Years ago, Penticton steam cleaning was your only option if you wanted clean floors. However, there’s a superior option available now.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is able to remove stubborn grime and leave carpets looking pristine without drenching them in water. No matter how soiled your carpets are, our powerful solutions and revolutionary machinery can get the job done.

We’ve been an industry leader in carpet cleaning for years. We use the amazing cleaning power of oxygen to remove years of dirt and grime. Once we’re done cleaning for you, your carpets will be left looking bright and clean. On top of that, since we don’t rely on drenching your carpets in gallons upon gallons of water, your floors will finish drying in as little as an hour.

Ready to have floors that look their very best? Then choose Oxi Fresh over Penticton steam cleaning. Simply use our Online Scheduler or give us a call at 778-781-6767 to make your appointment today!

Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

Steam cleaning used to be the preferred method to get floors looking nice again. However, it’s an outdated method and people are now starting to see its many drawbacks.

Beyond the 12 to 24-hour dry times, there’s also wickback to worry about. Wickback will happen when carpets are drenched in water. The carpet pads beneath get wet and absorb the dirt from the surface. As the carpets dry, the water and dirt wick back to the surface, leaving the carpet looking as if it was never cleaned to begin with.

Oversaturation can also lead to the possibility of mold. If the carpet pads take too long to dry, mold can set in. Once that happens, you often aren’t left with any option but to tear out the carpeting. Avoid this hassle by allowing Oxi Fresh to clean for you.

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The Franchisee

Meet The Franchisee


When you need carpets that look amazing, trust Tim Donegan to get you real results. His crew of experts will work their absolute hardest to remove grime and get your floors looking great. Don't go with Penticton steam cleaning and instead give Oxi Fresh a chance. He can't wait to clean for you!

Our Process

Here at Oxi Fresh, we use a five-step process to ensure our cleaning is effective and consistent. We strive to deliver world-class results each and every time. 

Here's a look at what you can expect when you pick Oxi Fresh over Penticton steam cleaning:

Step 1

First, we begin by doing a careful inspection of your floors for any heavy soiling.

Step 2

For any heavily soiled areas, we'll apply a pretreatment solution. The pretreatment uses powerful enzymes to break down grime at the molecular level.

Step 3

Next, we'll apply our core cleaning solution to the entire floor. This solution is a two-pronged product containing an oxygenated booster that breaks down dirt, and an encapsulator that locks debris in microscopic sodium crystals.

Step 4

After that, we use our OF1000 carpet-cleaning machine. The OF1000 uses dual, counter-rotating brushes to clean deep into the carpet and extract residues.

Step 5

To finish up, we'll vacuum and groom the floor to leave it with a professional finish.

Additional Services

Not only is Oxi Fresh superior to Penticton steam cleaning methods, but these companies also don't offer as many services as we do. We're proud to offer hardwood floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning.

To book any of our cleaning services, simply give our friendly Scheduling Center a call at 778-781-6767 today!

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