Your Carpet Cleaner Claims To Clean, But Is Your Carpet Cleaner Safe and Green?

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston stands a cut above the rest, harnessing the power of oxygen to super-clean your carpets!  Our carpet cleaning materials and methods are safe for children and pets, and leave absolutely no sticky residue. That’s why our dry time is among the fastest in the industry, just one hour!  That’s faster than it takes some dryer loads to finish!

But Is It Green?

Now, some carpet cleaners in Houston claim to be “green”. In fact, quite a few Houston carpet cleaning companies are not only likely to claim to be green, but in fact, the methods and chemicals used are not only wasteful, but harmful to the environment.  Then there are those carpet cleaning Houston companies that are not green, but at least they are not trying to hide their less-than-green tendencies.  In either case, we at OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning Houston think that if those other companies were just a little greener, then the rest of us could breathe a little easier!


At Oxi Fresh Houston carpet cleaners, we put our green  carpet cleaning where are mouth is.  Most steam cleaners require 40 or more gallons of water to clean a home.  Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston can clean that same home with just two gallons of water!  We use 5% of the water a typical steam cleaner uses, that’s twenty times more is necessary, and we think traditional steam cleaning is completely wasteful! Save some water!

Energy Efficiency

At Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston, we save energy everywhere we can.  We use highly efficient cleaning equipment, which is not truck-mounted, because equipment that’s mounted on trucks requires the truck to stay on for multiple hours, releasing all kinds of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases.  Due to our non-truck-powered equipment, we also keep all your house doors shut while working so as not to overwork your thermostat and run up your energy bill.    Finally, because we use so much less water than the average steam cleaner, we use considerably less energy to take all that moisture and wastewater out.

Environmentally Friendly Products

When we’re out  cleaning Houston homes and offices, we always use biodegradable, organic, and non-toxic products to clean your space.  We’re also set apart from the rest because our cleaning products utilize low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).  VOC’s are gentle on fibers, but tough on stains, so you get a squeaky clean steam, while staying eco-friendly green!

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

While the other steam cleaning guy down the street might throw out his packaging in –your- trash can, our staff always uses recyclable bottles and packaging, and we always recycle all of our bottles and packaging materials after use.   Even at corporate, we’re going paperless where we can, and if we use paper, it’s recycled afterwards.  We at Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning are the real green carpet cleaning company!

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