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So what does Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning do differently than our competition? Well, just about everything. To begin, Oxi Fresh provides a fast drying carpet cleaning. That means, unlike the hot water extraction method – “steam” cleaners – our method doesn’t depend on soaking the carpet. Since we know that type of cleaning  fails to provide the most thorough job, we see no reason to repeat what they do.  Instead,  for our carpet cleaning services, we will use just a small amount of water, combined with our oxygenated booster and our encapsulator, and spray that over the carpet.

The booster begins breaking up the dirt and stains in the carpet, and then the encapsulator forms microscopic crystals around those stains (both are non toxic carpet cleaning solutions) making them easy to remove from the carpet.  This two step process is extremely effective, and can take care of most stains in the carpets with relative ease. What’s more, since Oxi Fresh is a fast drying carpet cleaner, the carpets dry in about an hour after their sprayed.

Now, we distinguished ourselves from steam cleaners earlier, let’s now do the same with dry cleaners. The “spinning bonnet” method I mentioned earlier scrubs downward, compressing the carpet.  The Oxi Fresh machine that we use to clean the carpets after spraying, however, scrubs upwards. How? Well, you know how on vacuum cleaners, there’s always that small, little spinning brush in the front? Well, we have two of those, except they’re a lot bigger, better, and they rotate upwards and into each other.

This rotation allows the bristles reach deep into the carpet pile, lift up any stains, and then take them safely up into the machine.  The upward rotation means real stain removal and no carpet compression, so that it not only dries quickly, but upright. Also, don’t worry about carpet damage or anything like that from the scrubbing – the Oxi Fresh machine has different kinds of brushes for different kinds of carpet!  So, all in all, it’s extremely safe, extremely efficient, and it does an extremely good job on your carpet. To us, though, it’s just the way Oxi Fresh does it’s job.

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