Green Living: Upcylcing – Trash to Treasure

There’s always a little feeling of pride when we turn trash into a genuine treasure. Our upcycle could be as simple as repurposing an old wooden box into a little table or crafty as making earrings out of pop tabs.

We here at Oxi Fresh love upcycling in all ways, shapes, and forms, and here are four of our favorite “practical” upcycles – little projects that make your life easier.

Toilet Tubes Conquer Cord Chaos
The cardboard rolls in toilet-paper tubes are one of those ubiquitous forms of garbage – everyone has to deal with them. Thankfully, they’re recyclable. Even better – they’re upcyclable!

User berserk at shared a way to turn toilet-paper tubes into cord and cable organizer. You just put the tubes standing upright in a box . . . and that’s about it really. The tubes are a perfect size for cables and if you put enough tubes in the box, they’ll stay upright, neat, and tidy all by themselves.

Clothes Clips Close Chips
Whenever you pick up a new pair of pants, they’ll come with a  little hanger – a plastic one with  clips at each end.

Karrie at had the great idea of cutting these clips off and using them for chip clips! It’s a simple, fast way to get rid of those flimsy hangers (make sure you recycle the plastic scraps) and get some nice, tough chip clips for your kitchen.

Drinks Double Shirt Space
This one’s even easier than the toilet-tubes or chip clips. If you drink soda, save your pop tabs and slide them onto the hook of your clothing hangers. Now you can hang another hanger from the pop tabs second hole!

This upcycle came from Tara at, and it’s a great way to increase the amount of clothes you can fit in your closet. You can also use it to match up outfits!

Milk Jug Scoops: Sorry, No Alliteration
This tip has traveled far, originally coming from jes6305 in Korea and brought to us by DIY Maven at – and it’s a fun one. By cutting along the handle and base of a milk jug (or any plastic jug really) you can make yourself a neat little recyclable scoop!

This can make a handy dustpan, a play shovel for kids, or a disposable popper scooper for your yard (though obviously not all three at the same time).

Thanks again to Karrie at HappyMoneySaver.comberserk at, Tara at, DIY Maven at, and jes6305! Oxi Fresh hopes all of you keep on crafting!

Did you try one of these crafts? Share your masterpieces in the comments below!

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