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20 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Success

What makes a successful entrepreneur? What separates those whose businesses fail and those who really take off? That’s the question Jerry Nelson asked of twenty top CEOs, business founders, and entrepreneurs.

Mike Malone, the founder of Livestock Framing, said, “One must possess grit. The stakes tend to be high, the bumps in the road frequent. Remaining focused, regardless of the obstacles, is paramount. That said, being an entrepreneur means being in full control of your destiny. If that’s important to you, then all of the challenges associated with striking out on one’s own are but a small price to pay.”

Jordan Fliegel, co-CEO of DRAFT, shared a similar sentiment, saying that, “It’s about having the creativity to question, the strength to believe and the courage to move.” Vip Sandhir, founder and CEO of HighGround says that entrepreneurs must be resourceful, because, “you often run into dead ends throughout the course of your career. You need to be able to bounce back from losses if you want to be successful. There will be much more disappointment than progress when you first start off, and you need to have a short memory in order to put the past behind you quickly.”

All of this is great advice, but we were especially pleased to see Jonathan Barnett’s advice make it on the list. Mr. Barnett founded Oxi Fresh back in 2006, and since then our carpet cleaning franchise opportunity has grown to over 360 locations across the United States and Canada.

When asked for his opinion on what makes for a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Barnett said this:

“[Entrepreneurs] have to be people-oriented. Your business will die without a good team to back you up. Study management techniques, learn from great leaders, review where you’re succeeding and failing so you can help others improve. An entrepreneur has to be able to build a team that cares about their work, and to do that you have to care about how you create your team.”

Mr. Barnett later elaborated on this idea:

“What’s the goal of an entrepreneur? To build a strong business. What’s completely counter-intuitive to that goal? Micromanagement. Obsessing over and trying to control everything is one of the dumbest things an entrepreneur can do – yet so many do it!”

“I think it happens because a lot of entrepreneurs originally had to do everything themselves when they first started. They get used to that and the confidence that comes from handling everything. They knew it was done right because they did it. When it comes time to let that go and trust others, they can’t. They’ve got to make sure it’s done right.”

“And that spells your business’s doom – or at least stagnation. When you don’t let go, your business can only be as big as you. You become the limiting factor. Plus, micromanagement is destructive both to your team’s morale and their future growth. If you don’t give them the opportunity to develop, how can they?”

“Instead, a good entrepreneur lets go to grow and builds a team he or she can trust. That’s what I’ve done with Oxi Fresh, and now our carpet cleaning franchise opportunity is one of the top ones out there.”

To learn about our carpet cleaning franchise opportunity, click here. Discover what Oxi Fresh can do for your home here.

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