Boo-tiful, Healthy Halloween Bento Boxes

Halloween kids lunches

lunch box for children in the form of monsters for Halloween. the toning. selective focus

October means Halloween and Halloween means sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. There’s really no stopping the kids from having a candy-heavy day at the end of the month, but you can get them eating healthier all month with these fun Halloween Bento Box lunches.

Now what’s a Bento Box? They’re a type of Japanese boxed lunch that can be super-nutritious and super-cute (here are some great examples). What we’ll be doing is a lot simpler, but still fun and healthy!

Box #1: Franken-burrito

– Wrap up your burrito ingredients into a green tortilla

– Cut the hair, nose, and teeth our of a slice of cheddar cheese (use photo below as guide)

– Place two olive slices for the eyes and two marshmallows for bolts!

– Add some spooky sides like carrot zombie fingers and creepy gummy worms

lunch box for children in the form of monsters for Halloween. the toning. selective focus

Box #2: Jack-O-Sandwich!

– Use a small knife to cut out the jack-o-lantern face into a slice of cheddar cheese

– Place cheese on bread and add olive slices for eyes

– Add some spooky sides like bone-shaped cucumber slices

lunch box for children in the form of monsters for Halloween. the toning. selective focus

Box #3: Mystery Mummy

– The Mystery Mummy main course is up to you! Use a small rectangle tupperware and cover with a paper towel. Then wrap a white ribbon around the paper towel as in the photo below. Place two olive slices or chocolate chips on top for eyes!

– Add some spooky sides like banana ghosts with chocolate chip eyes and tomb stone shaped granola bars

lunch box for children in the form of monsters for Halloween. the toning. selective focus

There you have it! Fun, easy-to-make Halloween lunches for the kids. Thanks to Bay Area Bites and Momables for the great tips!

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