The Spotlight: Getting out Grass Stains

At the end of a summer day, you can usually tell what your kids got up to by looking at the stains on their clothes. Brown splotch on the front? That’s from the ice cream they snuck out of the freezer. Red spot on the sleeve? Ketchup from the hot dog lunch. Light pink stain? Well, it’s easy to spill lemonade, isn’t it?

Then there are the grass stains. As much as you don’t like to see these spots, at least they mean your kids were having fun. Plus you don’t need to worry – Oxi Fresh can help you get the grass stains out with this tip from

IMPORTANT: You should treat grass stains as soon as possible. If they sit too long, they can set and become permanent.

What You’ll Need
– Digestive Enzyme Capsules
(You can buy these capsules from vitamin and health stores)
– Small Bowl
– Butter Knife/Stiff Brush
– Rubber Gloves

Let’s Get Cleaning
– Step 1 –
Begin by gently scraping off any mud or dirt with a butter knife or brush.

– Step 2 –
Cut open several enzyme capsules and measure out a teaspoons worth of enzyme powder.

– Step 3 –
Pour the enzyme powder into a small bowl and add 1 tablespoon of cold water. Mix this into a thick paste.

– Step 4 –
Put on your rubber gloves and spread the paste over the fabric with your fingers.* If the stain is particularly intense (or the fabric is thin) you may need to apply the paste to both sides of the clothing. Let the enzyme paste sit for one hour.

– Step 5 –
Proceed to wash the clothing by itself (or with similarly treated clothes). Do NOT dry the clothing.

– Step 6 –
After washing, see if the stain is gone. If it’s still there, retreat the spot with this method. After a second full treatment the spot should be completely gone or significantly reduced.

Oxi Fresh hopes this spot removal method helps you out this summer. Hopefully, the grass stains will disappear just in time for your kids to make some more. : ) Thanks to the team at for the great advice.

* Before you start using this enzyme paste,  test it on an inconspicuous part of the fabric to check for color-loss or damage. Also, if a piece of clothing is made of wool, silk, or is labeled dry clean only, do NOT try this method. Instead, take the clothing to a dry cleaner as soon as possible.

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