Going to the Dogs with Oxi Fresh

There are a lot of things Oxi Fresh can do for your carpet, but the one that many people are most appreciative of is our ability to get rid of pet stains. Our green carpet cleaning method can get rid of most stains, but people are always thrilled when pet stains disappear! Unfortunately, we can’t really prevent stains, though, but no carpet cleaning company can. We can apply a carpet protector to help you combat stains, but there’s no product available that will prevent a determined puppy from using the inside as the outside. So here’s the first part of a potty training guide to help you with your pups and your carpet.

Set Up A Schedule

Generally, it’s best to take your pup out about once an hour, when they wake up from sleeping, and shortly after eating. This may seem like a lot, but they have very small bladders and an even smaller control of when to go.

When you take them out, wait for about five minutes to see if the puppy goes. If the pup doesn’t go, take him in for about ten minutes and then back out. If nothing happens then, wait until the next hour.

(Note: If you’re playing with the pup and she runs away from the game, it can mean they’re too excited and may need to make a pit stop. Grab her before she does and take her outside.)

Pick Your Places

There are three places you need to pick when you’re potty training a puppy. The first is probably the easiest – where outside you want them to go? Is there an area where you dump lawn clippings or a bed of mulch that you’d like to serve as the pup’s latrine? (If you’re potty training during winter, you may want to shovel away the snow to expose some grass, so that the puppy doesn’t associate snow with going to the bathroom, but rather the grass.

The next is what rooms do you want the pup confined to? Generally when you have a young dog, it’s best to keep them in tiled or hardwood areas so you can limit the potential damage.  For example, I kept my dog to the kitchen and laundry room while I was potty training him.

The last place to pick is where you’ll put the newspaper/pad for the pup to go on while inside. Even though it’s not ideal to have them go inside, you really don’t have much of a choice. What I recommend is that you cover the floor in the room the puppy will be sleeping in, and then slowly reduce the amount of paper until you have one sheet – this will help wean the puppy off of peeing on the floor. It would be ideal that they last paper is located by the door you use to take them out to go to the bathroom.

We’ll have more on house-training tomorrow! Come back then to learn the final steps, and thanks to the DogChat Forum for the information.

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