Combat Entropy through Carpet Cleaning

The second law of thermodynamics deals with entropy – namely that “In any closed system the entropy of the system will either remain constant or increase.” In layman’s terms, entropy is a measure of disorder. The higher the entropy, the higher the disorder. This means the second law says that, unless maintained, things inevitably fall apart.

Depressing, isn’t it? Well the same idea of entropy can be applied to our own lives. If you don’t put energy into your life, it will fall apart. Dishes pile up, dirt gathers, jobs are lost, and things become a mess. If you put energy into your life, though, things are maintained and can even be improved. The same is true of your carpet. If you don’t put any effort into maintaining it –  getting Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleanings, vacuuming, etc. – it’ll fall apart. If you do work at keeping it healthy, it will last much longer.

So in order to help you combat the second law of thermodynamics, we’ve create a list of five do’s and don’ts for maintaining carpet health:

1.) Food is Not Your Friend: Eating while watching television can be enjoyable. But when someone bumps the table you’re using, or you accidentally knock over your drink, or a pet comes by and upends the snack-bowl – whamo. You’ve got a new stain. The best way to avoid this problem is to avoid bringing food into carpeted areas. This can difficult, though, so an alternative is to put down an area rug over the places you frequently have food. Remember that Oxi Fresh is great at rug cleaning, so we can help keep that rug looking good as well.

2.) Socks not Feet: We all know that we should avoid walking on carpets while wearing shoes. Something you may not know, though, is that you should also avoid walking barefoot on carpet. The oils on the bottom of your feet transfer onto the carpet and, over time, this can lead to staining. The oil from your skin will act as a dirt magnet and make it stick to the carpet. Socks are your allies in the battle against dirty carpets.

3.) Fluffy Friends Stay Off: We all like to play with our pets and have them at our feet when we relax – put something to consider is keeping them off of the carpets. The oils in pet fur and hair can, over time, leave marks on the carpet and attract more dirt. Then there’s the more obvious stains that very young and very old pets can leave on a carpet. So think about training pets to keep off the carpet unless you let them on. It’s hard work but very often worth it and it means you’ll have to call carpet cleaning companies less often.

4.) Vacuum: This is the simplest tip. Regular vacuuming gets rid of dirt and staining materials before they can do damage. Try to vacuum at least twice a week – though a quick daily vacuuming is ideal.

5.) Regular Cleaning: All of these precautions can help keep your carpets looking great, but it’s inevitable that carpets will become dirty. That’s where Oxi Fresh and our green carpet cleaning comes into play. Schedule regular carpet cleaning services with us every six months will extend a carpet’s healthy lifespan by years. And since maintenance is cheaper than replacement, this will save you money in the end.

Hopefully these tips help you fight entropy and keep your carpet and home looking nice and fresh. Good luck and happy Holidays!

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JV. - 05/26/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Cody did a great job the room looks so much cleaner. Bj. - 05/13/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
I decided to try Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning due to the reviews but, and I had a horrible experience from the time Jessie (technician) was scheduled to arrive at the home up until the completion of the cleaning. He called me at 2:28 pm for a 3:15 pm scheduled appointment and asked me if he could come early I said, “ no one is at the home right now”. He said “but, I will be there shortly can someone let me in”. So, I made arrangements for someone to be at the home at 3 :00. Well at 3:20 pm Jessis still had not arrived to the home so I called him, and he said, “ your appointment is at 3:15 pm”. I said, “you called me and asked me to have someone at the home because you was arriving early and now you are late.” He said, “ Well I'm 20 mins away”. He did not arrive until 3:35pm.He completed a walk through, and I ordered the 5-room special which was 138.00 to include the hall, stairs and 3 bedrooms. When he arrived, he said the open area space attached to the hallway was an additional room. He wanted to charge me an additional 37 dollars but decided to give me a "discount". What was originally $ 138.00 special ended up being $ 170.00.My concern wasn’t so much the the additional “ room “ but the level of customer service.Jessie inconvenienced me by asking me to change my scheduled to accommodate his early arrival and then he arrived later than the scheduled appointment. Then the owner Chris Supe stated “ they don’t work for free” as if I wanted them to work for free.I think Oxi clean needs to clearly define what a room is, and the definitions need to be the same across owners. It is unfortunate that during the scheduling Christina was phenomenal, but the level of services quickly depreciated after scheduling the appointment. Also, I explained what I needed cleaned when scheduling the appointment and offered to send picture. They offered me the 5-room special, but the owner didn’t feel like the home met the requirements for the special.Lastly. The outcome of the carpet did not meet my expectations. It did not look any better than when I use my personal carpet shampooer. Purchase a Bissell and do it yourself or shop around. Oxi Clean has lost my business!!****I tried to give the rating a 1 but it looks like the rating is preset to a "5" and the system wouldn't allow me to change it. *** JH. - 05/04/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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