Carpet Cleaning Tips – 1 of 2

Many receive advice, few profit by it. ~ Publilius Syrus

That’s a rather depressing quote to open up with, so here’s a more amusing one:

A patient going to a doctor for his first visit was asked, “And whom did you consult before coming to me?”
“Only the village druggist,” was the answer.
“And what sort of foolish advice did that numbskull give you?” asked the doctor, his tone and manner denoting his contempt for the advice of the layman.
“Oh,” replied his patient, with no malice aforethought, “he told me to come and see you.”

Everyone smiling now? Good, now I can share a few carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance tips that can increase the life of your carpet and keep it looking cleaner longer.   Some of these will seem incredibly simple, but they’re worth repeating. After all, it’s easy to forget the proper procedure for dealing with a stain when you’ve just dropped a glass of wine onto your carpet. So, without further ado . . .

1. Vacuuming Sucks: This tip is one of the most important ones, but it’s also the hardest one to do.  We recommend that you vacuum your carpets once every other day. Admittedly, that may be a lot to ask some of you. When you get home from work, the last thing most of you want to do is work more. But a regular vacuuming can lift up the vast majority of dirt in your carpet that accumulates there daily, helping slow the spread traffic areas and keeping your carpets much cleaner longer.  So if you vacuum, you’ll find your carpets won’t need carpet cleaning services as often, which will translate into money saved for you.

2. Buy Another Carpet: Sometimes the best way to have a good looking carpet is to simply put another one on top. Of course, we don’t mean a full-on carpet, but area rugs. Place these guys over high traffic areas – hallways, entry ways, paths through big rooms – and in more likely to be spilled on – rooms next to kitchens, in front of sofas. Rather than having your expensive, permanent carpet get worn and dirty and pay for frequent carpet stain removal or replacement, area rugs can absorb the abuse for them. And when your rugs are too gross to keep using, you can get an area rug cleaning with Oxi Fresh and get them back into shape so they can keep defending your home.

3. Doggie Towels: If you have dogs and a backyard, you know that inevitably the former will bring the latter into the home via their paws. It may be as severe as them being drenched in mud or simple as a bit of dirt caught between the dog’s pads. Whatever the case, though, that dirt will quickly sully the carpet, making it look dingy and ugly.  You can help avoid those problems by keeping some towels by wherever you let your dogs in and out.  Whenever you bring them in, give their paws a quick check. If they look clean and dry, let them in. If they look wet or dirty, give a good wipe down with the towel. Your dogs may not enjoy it, but your carpet will love it.

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