Beyond Carpet Cleaning

A and B the C of D. Or, as the phrase is more commonly known, “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.” Of course, the abbreviation is a bit more light-hearted, so for this post, we’ll stick with that. Now, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning obviously goes A and B the C of D with it’s fast dry time, commitment to being green, and providing a world class cleaning – but when it comes to helping customers, we didn’t want to stop at carpet cleaning. After all, there’s a lot more we know that we could do with our fantastic cleaning system.

So, we started out by figuring out what would be practical for us to clean. Obviously things like air duct and dusting wouldn’t really make sense, so we thought about how our cleaning system, with some modifications, could be used to clean other surfaces – namely upholstery. After all, everyone uses couches and recliners everyday, getting dirt and oils into the fabric or spilling on the cushions, but getting an upholstery cleaning is a rare occurrence. But if you want to keep your upholstery looking good and to make sure you have it longer – cleanings make sense.

So, using a specialized machine and variations on our cleaning solutions, we came up with an excellent upholstery cleaning method that surpasses what many other carpet cleaning companies have. Using our brushes, we carefully scrub everywhere we can reach on the upholstered piece, using careful amounts of water so it can dry quickly and evenly, avoiding water spots or residues.  Of course, now that we had upholstery tackled, we moved back to flooring – this time wondering what we could do for your kitchen floor.

Or, less specifically, how we could perform a tile and grout cleaning. Well, we already had an excellent machine available to us, all we had to do is swap out the brushes for some designed for tile and grout. And after some effort, we came up with cleaning solutions and sealants perfect for tile and grout, so that we could effectively scrub away dirt and grime and then make sure the dirt wouldn’t get back into the grout. That way our cleaners can go from cleaning your carpets to your tile and grout and finish up with your furniture.  Now, that’s going A and B the C of D isn’t it?

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I like the company. William, in particular, is very professional and thorough. KJ. - Indianapolis, IN - 03/01/2024
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