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You know, we’ve talked a lot about cleaning on the Oxi Fresh blog. I mean, we are a carpet cleaning company so it makes sense that we focus on it, but even we get tired of looking at spots and spills. So let’s take a break. I’m not going to talk about wine spots, crayon marks, or the cleaning power of old potatoes. Instead, we’re going to learn about a great game you can play with your family.

How to Play Kubb or Viking Chess

While this game is called Viking Chess, it doesn’t involve horned helmets, axes, or invading England (don’t worry, it’s still fun). First off, let’s take a look at a Kubb set:

A Kubb Set
A Kubb Set

Pretty simple, isn’t it? The wooden blocks are called Kubbs and the big one is the King – I like to call it King Kubb. The wooden batons are, well, wooden batons.

A Kubb field is a 8 by 5 meter rectangle with a dividing line going across it. On the Base Lines you set up your five Kubbs – these are the Base Kubbs – and you put King Kubb right smack in the middle, as is his Divine Right.

A standard Kubb field
A Standard Kubb Field

Now to the game itself. Each team (1-6 players) throws one baton at the King. The team with the closest baton that isn’t touching the King gets to go first or pick the side of the field they want. Now it’s the first round and Team A needs to try to knock over Team B’s Base Kubbs by throwing their batons.

Let’s say that at the end of the turn, Team A has knocked over two of Team B’s Base Kubbs. Now Team B has to throw these Kubbs onto Team A’s side of the court. Stand these Kubbs upright where they land – these are now your Field Kubbs. Think of them as an extra line of defense, because now Team B has to knock them down before going after your Base Kubbs.

Now it’s Team B’s turn. Let’s say they knock over one of Team A’s Field Kubbs, but leave one standing. Team A has to throw that first Kubb onto Team B’s field. Sad for Team A, but since Team B left a Field Kubb standing, Team A gets to step out to that Field Kubb and throw their batons from there during their turn!

After a lot of throwing of sticks, eventually one side will have knocked over all of the other team’s Base and Field Kubbs. Once that’s happened, they have to knock over the King Kubb and they’ll win! If they knock over the King before that, though, they’ll lose.

The Game Wining Throw
The Game Winning Throw

As you can see, it’s all pretty straightforward, and making your own Kubb set is also as easy. You just need a few pieces of wood, a saw, and a good measuring tape. Here’s a great site that explains everything you’ll need to know about making a Kubb set and one that explains all the rules in greater detail.

Now go have some fun and play Kubb!

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