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Oxi Fresh and Wool Carpet Cleaning

You’ll have to excuse me, my sheep-impression has been somewhat lacking of late. I have been working hard at it, but it’s just difficult to get trill my “ah’s” the way our fuzzy friends do. But besides my usual tendency to rave on about random subjects, why am I talking about sheep? Because Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has now received approval to clean them – or rather, their wool.

More specifically, the WoolSafe Organization has given their seal of approval to Oxi Fresh after our cleaning solutions passed their tests for wool cleaning effectiveness and safety. Needless to say, we’re very happy with this. Why? Well, for nearly twenty years, WoolSafe has been focused on promoting safe, quality care for wool carpets – and to receive their approval is quite an honor.

But why is it even necessary? Why bother getting their approval? Because cleaning wool is no joke. The organic fibers that comprise wool respond very differently to cleaning than the nylons, polyesters, and polypropylenes that compose most carpets. Something that lifts a dirt stain out of a carpet made of nylon may permanently discolor a wool carpet. And since wool is significantly more expensive than nylon, one screw up can spell disaster for all parties.

That’s why WoolSafe was formed, it’s why Oxi Fresh has always been very careful around Wool, and it’s also why we’ve pursued WoolSafe certification. Now Oxi Fresh’s cleaning solutions can proudly bear the marks of WoolSafe – even it’s coveted mark for environmentally friendly cleaning products! If you’d like to know more about Oxi Fresh and our new certifications, click here.