An Ounce of Prevention

I was looking out of my office window today and I saw an abandoned restaurant. From a distance, the building looked like it hasn’t opened up for the day. When I got close to it, though, I saw that the sidewalk was full of shattered bricks, there was broken glass beneath a boarded up window, and decaying phonebooks were stacked outside the entrance.

If you leave something alone too long it will eventually fall apart – it’s one of the few guarantees in life. This is true of carpets as well as buildings. Without proper maintenance, they swiftly fall into disrepair and while emergency restoration can work, it’s far better to schedule regular carpet cleanings.

Yet some people get cleanings when the carpet is really filthy – sometimes going years between appointments. This is like only repairing a building once it’s falling apart and, once you’ve repaired it, you let it fall apart again and start the process over. This is an expensive and terribly ineffective way to keep up appearances. After all, there’s only so much you can repair after years of neglect.

What’s more, doing this will shorten the lifespan of the carpet significantly. Regular carpet cleaning services, once every six to nine months, will keep a carpet healthy and clean looking for up to 11 years. And if you only clean when the carpets filthy? Your looking at seven years – and the carpet won’t be looking nearly as good during that time. Never get it cleaned? Well, apart from making people scared of your floor, you’d be needing a replacement in about three years.

A carpet cleaning company like Oxi Fresh will extend the life of your carpet, keep it clean and healthy for your family much longer, and will increase the beauty of your home. Irregular cleanings will shorten it’s lifespan, ensure that it begins looking worn and unpleasant quickly, and will make your hurt the overall aesthetic of your home. More importantly, irregular cleanings means replacing the carpet sooner rather than later and that gets very, very expensive.

So, trite as it is, remember that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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