3 Lessons for Business Success – Jonathan Barnett Featured on TheSelfEmployed.com

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How does a business go from bare bones to an industry leader? That’s the big question Jonathan Barnett, president and CEO of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, answers today in his article, “From a Shoestring Startup to a Booming Business.”

In this great piece, Jonathan shares three life lessons that have helped make him a better entrepreneur and, consequently, helped make his company grow. Continue Reading post – 3 Lessons for Business Success – Jonathan Barnett Featured on TheSelfEmployed.com

Green Living: 5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

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It’s easy for us to take the air in our homes for granted. It’s free, readily available and doesn’t make a fuss about being breathed in all the time.

Since we don’t think a lot about our “personal” air, sometimes we don’t realize just how bad it can get. Cleaning products and chemicals release harmful gasses, mold release spores, and dust builds up, making your air unhealthy and stale.

Don’t worry, because we’ve got five great tips on how to improve your indoor air quality. Continue Reading post – Green Living: 5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The Spotlight: Cleaning Up Cooking Oil

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Spilling cooking oil on your carpet isn’t a great feeling (there again, spilling anything on a carpet doesn’t feel great, unless it’s a bag of diamonds that tore open under its own weight).

Unlike diamonds, cooking oil spots are tricky to remove and particularly annoying as they act like a magnet for dirt; but don’t worry! Here’s how you can save your carpets. Continue Reading post – The Spotlight: Cleaning Up Cooking Oil

Tips & Tricks: Spinach Italiano

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In a kitchen drawer among the pens and pencils there’s a little book. It’s handwritten and a little worn; a very unassuming thing. Yet it’s cherished by my entire family because of  what’s inside – recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation.

In this little book we find Spinach Italiano, a recipe my grandmother found it in a long-forgotten publication while she lived in Ventura sixty years ago. I think it’s a fantastic dish and I hope you love it too. Continue Reading post – Tips & Tricks: Spinach Italiano

A Tasty Treat: Kale Chips!

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Kale has become a popular veggie lately, showing up in everything from salads to shakes. Actually, it would be more accurate to say it’s become popular again. Yep, kale was once a big deal in the Middle Ages, in fact it was one of the most popular greens at the time!

And with its resurgence we wanted to share a little recipe from Melissa d’Arabian on the FoodNetwork.com – Kale Chips! These crispy little treats are a delight and way better for you than potato or tortilla chips. Continue Reading post – A Tasty Treat: Kale Chips!

Natalie Ehrlich: Marathon Maniac, Franchise Wonder

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Whenever most of us finish a run, no matter how short it is, it’s with a sense of accomplishment. Natalie Ehrlich of Oxi Fresh of Phoenix, however, isn’t easily content. She was recently featured in the Huffington Post’s Women in Business Series, where she talked about her Oxi Fresh franchise, her influences and her 56 marathons.

Natalie is one of Oxi Fresh’s first franchisees and has a fascinating past. She earned her doctorate while a single mother, taught students for fifteen years as a professor and worked with the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia. She said these experiences “taught me the importance of identifying what needed to be done for success, prioritizing those actions, and then persevering to achieve my goals.” Continue Reading post – Natalie Ehrlich: Marathon Maniac, Franchise Wonder

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