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Taylorsville Steam Cleaning


Taylorsville Steam Cleaning

You work hard to keep your carpets looking spic and span, but there’s a lot hiding in carpeting that your eyes can’t see. A Taylorsville steam cleaning might be your first thought when you’re ready to deep clean those carpets, but did you know there’s something better? Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is the superior alternative to Taylorsville steam cleaning, and we would love to serve you!

Even with regular vacuuming, carpets can hold all sorts of nasty debris deep within their fibers. Oxi Fresh’s powerful cleaning solutions and low-moisture process effectively removes dirt and grime from your flooring and leaves your carpets dry in about one hour! Our eco-friendly products and innovative technology leave your floors looking fresh and clean in no time!

Interested in carpets that look years younger? For pricing and availability, visit our Online Scheduler or call our Scheduling Center at 385-257-2500 today! 

Oxi Fresh, A Superior Alternative to Steam Cleaning

Known for its loud machinery, overly wet carpets, and 12-24 hour dry times, traditional Taylorsville steam cleaning options are inconvenient at best. Oxi Fresh uses 95% less water than traditional steam cleaners, giving your carpets a dry time of about one hour! 

Traditional steam cleaning commonly results in something called “wickback” – spots or stains resurfacing following the cleaning process. This is a direct result of oversaturation of carpets and failure to effectively remove spots or stains. Thanks to Oxi Fresh’s low-moisture process, the risk of wickback is removed when you choose our Taylorsville steam cleaning alternative. Our team gives you real results in as little as one appointment!

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Our Proven Process

If Oxi Fresh doesn’t use steam, how exactly do we get rid of deep down dirt and grime? Take a look at our unique five-step process:

Step 1 – We thoroughly inspect your carpets, identifying any heavily soiled areas or areas requiring special treatment.

Step 2 – We then apply our pretreatment solution to heavily soiled areas. This powerful solution breaks down dirt and grime from deep within your carpet’s fibers.

Step 3 – Next, we apply our core carpet cleaning solution. With the power of oxygen, this solution dissolves dirt and locks it into microscopic crystals incapable of reattaching to your carpet’s fibers!

Step 4 –  Oxi Fresh’s specialized carpet cleaning machine reaches deep into your carpet fibers, removing trapped debris. Equipped with dual counter-rotating brushes, this machine cleans your carpets thoroughly, without compressing your floors.
Step 5 – Upon completion of the cleaning process, we vacuum and groom your carpets, leaving a truly professional finish!

In need of a deep clean with a dry time of about one hour? Call 385-257-2500 today!

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This is my first time writing review for a carpet cleaning provider. On time very professional and my carpet is Clean and free of dog smells :) Thank you! CA. - Las Vegas, NV - 09/23/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Very Fast and professional service I like the fact that they use less water & very quick drying without the scent. RC. - Meridian, MS - 09/22/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
RP. - Palm Coast, FL - 09/22/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Boyd & Marciea Casselman

Meet Boyd and Marciea Casselman


Maintaining a clean space is important to Boyd and Marciea Casselman. The Casselmans and their team combine effective products and innovative technology to provide deep cleanings and quick dry times. They can’t wait to get your carpets looking and feeling great!

Our Additional Services

A great fit for both residential and commercial properties, our Taylorsville steam cleaning alternative isn’t the only outstanding cleaning option Oxi Fresh has to offer!
We are proud to also provide upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and sandless wood floor cleaning for both homes and offices!

Scheduling with Oxi Fresh is easy! Just call our Scheduling Center today at 385-257-2500! We look forward to serving you! 

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