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Roy Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Roy Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors can be a nightmare to keep clean, and they can start to look faded and dirty over time. Thankfully, a Roy hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can make your wood floors look like they did in years past without harsh sanding or varnishes!  

Varnishes and sanding can make a mess, causing unwanted dust. Our expert technicians use modern tools and effective products to make your floors look pristine! Your guests will notice a difference after only one Oxi Fresh hardwood floor cleaning!  

If you need a hardwood floor cleaning, call our helpful Scheduling Center at 801-820-0636 today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

How We Clean for You

Our cleaning process involves equipment and solutions that are designed to be effective in removing dirt while being gentle on your hardwood floors. We don’t use any harsh sanding or varnishes that could damage the floors. 

Do you want to book a hardwood floor cleaning but want to know more? Here’s want you can expect when you book a Roy hardwood floor cleaning:

Step 1 – First, our professional technicians will thoroughly inspect your floors, looking for any trouble areas that might be heavily soiled. We also explain the process and discuss the expected results. 

Step 2 – Next, we vacuum the entire carpet with our innovative wood floor cleaning machine that gets rid of loose debris. Any leftover dirt or debris could act as an abrasive and must be removed before the next step. 

Step 3 – We apply our pretreatment cleaning solution, and we use our specially designed wood floor cleaning machine, the OF2000. The machine and the solution help to extract the dirt while preventing your floors from becoming oversaturated with water.  

Step 4 – Then, a core cleaning solution is used along with the OF2000, making your floors look amazingly clean. 

Step 5 (Optional) – However, we do have an optional fifth step. We offer an additional protective service for your floors with our Oxi Floor Refinisher. The refinisher adds a protective urethane layer that makes your floors shine with a semi-gloss finish,  

If you need to book your next cleaning service, call our helpful Scheduling Center at 801-820-0636 today!

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Boyd & Marciea Casselman

Meet Boyd and Marciea Casselman


Hardwood floors can be expensive, but Boyd and Marciea Casselman know what it takes to have your floors looking clean and fresh again without any harsh sanding. The Casselmans want to help book your Roy hardwood floor cleaning!

Why People Use Oxi Fresh

Zero Sanding - We won’t damage your floors with any heavy sanding or varnishes during our Roy hardwood floor cleaning. Our methods are gentle but powerful.  

Quick Cleanings - Our cleanings are effective without any lengthy sanding, allowing more time for you. Our process will ensure quicker results. 

Easy Appointments - Random window appointments can completely wipe out your day, but Oxi Fresh knows your time is valuable. No one has time to sit around, waiting for a technician to arrive. We want you to choose the date and time that is right for you, and that is when our expert technicians will arrive. 

Acrylic Wax Removal - Wax buildup can be a problem with DIY floor-cleaning products. These DIY products use acrylic waxes that can build up over time and the only way to properly clean them is to remove the wax. With DIY products, the wax eventually fades and more wax must be added to produce a shine again. In order to properly clean the floor, you must remove the wax build up. 

If you need excess wax removed, Oxi Fresh has got you covered with our wax removal service. This breaks down and removes the wax, making it easier to properly clean your wood floors! While our expert cleaners are working on your Roy hardwood floor cleaning, ask if this service is necessary.

Our Additional Services

We offer more than just hardwood floor cleanings. We want to make all of the floors in your home or office look amazingly beautiful! Oxi Fresh also offers services for upholstery, tile and grout, and carpets too. We are ready to revitalize the floors in your home. We also offer commercial carpet cleaning

If you need to change the look of your hardwood floors, call our Scheduling Center at 801-820-0636! We look forward to cleaning for you soon!

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