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Holladay Steam Cleaning


Holladay Steam Cleaning

Even with clean welcome mats and no shoes worn in your home, there’s no avoiding it—your carpets are going to get dirty. Many homeowners rely on Holladay steam cleaning to get their carpets back in shape, but did you know you have another option?

Say hello to Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning! We’re the quicker-drying alternative to Holladay steam cleaning that you’ve been looking for. When their service is over, steam cleaners will leave you waiting 12-24 hours for your carpets to dry. Our low-moisture methods use only about 5% of the water that steam cleaning requires, meaning your carpets will dry in just about one hour after our service

For carpets that look great and dry quicker, set up with our Oxi Fresh team today. Use our Online Scheduler or call us at 801-988-9966. You’ll be glad you did!

Why Oxi Fresh?

If you’re already used to using Holladay steam cleaning for your carpets, it may be hard to switch to something else. What about us makes it worth the jump? The biggest difference between us and steam cleaning is the amount of water we use—our service requires only about 5% of the water required by steam cleaning! With so little water needed, we’re able to offer you these advantages:

  •     Quick Dry Times – Because Holladay steam cleaning leaves your carpets saturated in water, it can take up to 24 hours (or even more!) for them to dry. Imagine trying to keep children or pets off for that long! Our service will have your carpets dry in just about one hour after we finish cleaning. 
  •     Protection from Wickback – When your carpets are filled with water, your carpet pads underneath can get wet too. These were never meant to get wet, and when they do, it can bring about an effect called “wickback.” A few days or weeks after the service, the dirty water finds its way back up to the surface of your carpets, leaving them dirty all over again!
  •     Safer Homes – Another downfall of wet carpet pads is that it can present a health hazard. When carpet pads stay wet for too long, they can mold over, presenting issues for your carpet and for your family. 

A whole day of dry time? Reappearing dirt? Mold? We can help you avoid it all! Call 801-988-9966 or head to our Online Scheduler to set up a cleaning with our team today. We hope we get to work with you soon!


The Oxi Fresh Method

If you’re used to Holladay steam cleaning, you’re probably curious to know more about our Oxi Fresh process. This is what you can expect at each of our carpet cleanings:

Step 1 – Our first step is to review your whole carpet area, to help us identify any severely soiled or damaged areas that will need extra cleaning power. 

Step 2 – For any areas needing additional attention, we apply our pretreatment spray. This enzyme-drive pretreatment goes to work immediately, breaking up the most stubborn dirt residing in your carpets. 

Step 3 – Next, we apply our core carpet cleaning solution. Using dual-action technology, our core cleaner both breaks up deeply trodden dirt and encapsulates it with microscopic cleaning crystals. This action keeps the dirt from reattaching to your carpet.

Step 4 – From here, your technician will run our OF1000 twice over your carpet. With high quality, professional-grade brushes, this carpet cleaning machine digs deep into your carpet pile to pull out the encapsulated dirt. 

Step 5 – To wrap up your cleaning, we simply groom and vacuum your carpets. They’ll look amazing and feel fully refreshed!

Think it might be time to leave Holladay steam cleaning behind? Reach out to our Oxi Fresh team to make an appointment today!

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Boyd & Marciea Casselman

Meet Boyd and Marciea Casselman


Your home is your refuge, and Boyd and Marciea Casselman work hard to help you make it a place that feels safe and comfortable. Their team brings in professional equipment and first-rate cleaning products to leave you with stunning, refreshed carpets. Their eco-friendly methods are safe for your home and for the environment, meaning their service is one you can feel great about using. When you’re looking for a convenient, high quality carpet cleaning service, look no further than the Casslemans!

Commercial Carpet Cleanings

In addition to homes, we also love taking care of Holladay businesses! Our commercial carpet cleaning services feature the same modern, quick-drying process that we offer at our residential cleanings. We also make it easy for you to set up an ongoing maintenance program that will keep your business consistently clean!

Set your cleaning with our team today by calling 801-988-9966 or use our Online Scheduler. We’re excited to clean for you!

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