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Greater Fort Worth Steam Cleaning


Greater Fort Worth Steam Cleaning

A carpet covered home is lovely, but carpets are prone to getting dirty. If you want to renew your carpets,  you may be looking for a Greater Fort Worth steam cleaning, but there’s a better option. We at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning encourage you to try something modern and fresh. Book a cleaning with Oxi Fresh today to experience the new approach to floor care. 

Oxi Fresh’s modern cleaning method produces excellent results consistently, and has been shown to leave carpets looking years younger! Our oxygen-infused process is also kind to the environment and your flooring while staying tough on dirt and debris. 

If you want the best alternative to steam cleaning in Greater Fort Worth, then you want to book a cleaning with Oxi Fresh. Use our Online Scheduler or call us at 682-231-8500 to get in touch with our Scheduling Center. 

The Best Alternative to Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaning in the past has usually involved two things, a lot of water and a lot of inconveniences. A steam cleaning would soak your carpet with water, leaving them drenched for 12-24 hours.

Also, whenever a steam cleaning is done improperly, it can lead to a phenomenon known as “wickback”. This leads to previously erased blemishes reappearing over time, rendering your carpet cleaning useless.

Luckily, we at Oxi Fresh have the solution. Our modern, low-moisture approach to cleaning avoids all of these problems and dries in just about one hour! Read on to learn how Oxi Fresh will clean your home.

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What Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Customers Are Saying

Average 4.8 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 92 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
I had Ryan clean the carpets at my apartment today, and he was amazing! He was kind and easy to talk to, and also worked efficiently and professionally. I would recommend him to anyone in the area looking for carpet cleaning. ET. - North Liberty, IA - 07/26/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Great job! BG. - Jacksonville, FL - 07/26/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
We lived in our house for 3 years and this was the 1st time we had them cleaned. I was worried there was some areas that would not come clean but was surprised how quick and easy they were cleaned. Even areas we have scrubbed before by hand. Carpets also only took a hour and half to dry. The machine the tech used was not very loud either. Tech was friendly. JJ. - Frederick, MD - 07/25/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Monty and Karrie Shipp

Meet Monty and Karrie Shipp


If you’re looking for exceptional results to be brought right to your front door, look no further than the Shipps and their team of floor cleaning experts. This team is uniquely qualified to meet your carpet cleaning needs, all while providing excellent customer service every step of the way.

The Oxi Fresh Advantage

So we’ve explained that Oxi Fresh isn’t a steam cleaner in Greater Fort Worth, but we haven’t broken down what we are. So, here is what you can expect from your upcoming Oxi Fresh steam cleaning session.

Step 1 - We first conduct a walkthrough of all the areas in need of cleaning. We do this to spot any potential areas of concern or areas in need of extra attention.

Step 2 - We then add our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution. This cutting edge solution breaks down areas of dirt or grease that have absorbed into your carpet.

Step 3 - We then move on to our core carpet formula. This is a combination of two different cleaning solutions. The first is an oxygen-enriched booster that further breaks down dirt and grease, the second is a unique encapsulating formula designed to break entrap dirt particles into tiny crystals that are then incapable of re-attaching to your carpet fibers.

Step 4 - Our specialized carpet cleaning machine is introduced in the next step of our cleaning process. This machine utilizes counter-rotating brushes to reach deep into your carpet to quickly break apart clinging dirt. Unlike the machines used by steam cleaners, our machine requires no long hoses that will run through your home during the appointment.

Step 5 - We end our session by thoroughly vacuuming the carpets and grooming them, leaving them looking lovely.

Our highly effective process produces amazing results and can erase years of sunken in dirt in just one appointment. As a bonus, your carpets will be dry in about one hour! Much better than the 12-24 hours you get with a steam cleaning, right?

Why Do People Choose Oxi Fresh?

There are many reasons why people all over Greater Fort Worth choose Oxi Fresh:

  • World-Class Results
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Kid and Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions
  • Convenient, Fast Drying Results
  • No More Annoying Appointment Windows

But wait - there's more! We also offer these additional services:

If you want to schedule your Oxi Fresh cleaning appointment today give us a call at 682-231-8500 or book via our instant Online Scheduler!

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