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El Paso Steam Cleaning


El Paso Steam Cleaning

Clean carpets can help you maintain a healthy home. At first, many people choose El Paso steam cleaning. But did you know there is a fast-drying alternative? Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers outstanding services that dry in about one hour. Our revolutionary method cleans effectively with safe, eco-friendly products.   

You may not realize you may be required to wait 12 or even up to 24 hours for your carpets to dry when you choose an old-fashioned El Paso steam cleaning. At Oxi Fresh, we use the power of oxygen to clean your carpets. Our advanced cleaning equipment and our green cleaning solutions will leave your carpets looking years younger after just one cleaning appointment. 

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Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

Steam cleaning oversaturates your floors with water. Oversaturation means you’ll need to wait up to 24 hours for your carpets to dry. Waiting so long can be difficult. Staying off your floors can be a major inconvenience especially for families with children or pets. 

Steam cleaning can also cause wickback. When this happens, a spot or spill seems to disappear but resurfaces a short time later. That’s because oversaturation prevents the stain from being fully extracted. If you want real results, El Paso steam cleaning isn’t the best choice for your home.  

Fortunately, there’s a better solution: Oxi Fresh. We provide a low-moisture, quick-drying carpet cleaning service. You can have noticeable results and carpets that dry in about one hour!

Make your next cleaning appointment today! Use our convenient Online Scheduler or call us at 915-320-3434. We hope to hear from you soon! 

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The young man who performed our service was very professional. He explained the process and my carpets look great. TD. - Gahanna, OH - 06/16/2021
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Carpets look fantastic and the dry time is short. SH. - Oak Forest, IL - 06/16/2021
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Daniel Martinez

Meet Daniel Martinez


Daniel Martinez and his team know how to deliver incredible results without oversaturating your carpets. They use powerful Oxi Fresh products and modern cleaning methods to erase dirt and grime with ease. Give Daniel a call if you want world-class results and fast-drying carpet cleaning services!

The Oxi Fresh Process

Oxi Fresh is a superior alternative to El Paso steam cleaning. We use a proven process to effectively clean your carpets. Each step in our process is designed to deliver the maximum impact on your floors.

Here’s what you can expect during your professional carpet cleaning service:

Step 1 – Before we begin cleaning, we will examine your carpets. As we look over your floors, we will note any heavily soiled areas that may require extra treatment.

Step 2 – Then, we dissolve dirt and grime using our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution. As we apply this product, it breaks down stubborn dirt and oils that have been absorbed into the carpet. 

Step 3 – Next, we apply our core carpet cleaning solution. First, an oxygenated booster breaks down dirt. Second, a unique encapsulator surrounds dirt with tiny microscopic crystals. Once the soil particles are surrounded, they are easier to remove because they are unable to reattach to carpet fibers. 

Step 4 – Then we use our specialized carpet-cleaning machine for an incredible clean. This tool is equipped with counter-rotating brushes that lift debris from deep within the carpet. The specialized brushes remove dirt and grime carefully without compressing your floor.

Step 5 – To finish, we vacuum and groom the carpets for a fantastic finish!

Time and time again our process has shown to make your carpets look years younger. And, unlike a El Paso steam cleaning, your carpets will dry in about one hour!

Residential and Commercial Services

Oxi Fresh also offers commercial carpet cleanings in El Paso. Whether you need carpet cleaning for your home or business, you can expect the same great results. Even on heavily soiled floors don’t stand a chance against Oxi Fresh’s proven products. You’ll love the way clean floors enhance your home or office space. 

Don’t wait! Reserve your next cleaning appointment by calling us at 915-320-3434 today or using our Online Scheduler!

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