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Carpet Cleaning - Pearland, TX

Carpets are an important part of the home. They make life comfortable, help reduce noise, and make rooms look more attractive - when they’re clean, that is. When carpets get dirty and grimy, they actually make everything else feel tired and look run down.

If dirt is making your carpets look grim, don’t despair. Oxi Fresh of Pearland Carpet Cleaning has the perfect remedy for any carpet calamity: oxygen.

Our system combines the purifying strength of oxygen with revolutionary technology to provide exceptionally deep, thorough cleanings that dry fast and leave carpets looking grand.

So say “So long,” to the dirt and debris and “Hello,” to fresh feeling, fantastic looking floors and upholstery. Call Oxi Fresh of Pearland Carpet Cleaning today or use our website to book an appointment online.

Lance & Maruska Stubblefield

Meet Lance & Maruska Stubblefield


Customers deserve the best - that’s what Lance & Maruska believe. As the owners of Oxi Fresh and your Pearland carpet cleaners, Lance & Maruska work hard to make sure that every single customer gets a world-class cleaning that leaves their carpets and upholstery looking great. These franchisees are proud to own multiple locations!

Companies That Give Back in Pearland

For Lance & Maruska, Oxi Fresh isn’t just a business - it’s their promise to both serve their friends and neighbors and to help keep the city green and strong.

Oxi Fresh doesn’t rely on harsh cleaning chemicals or wasteful practices. Our cleaning solutions are designed to aggressively break down dirt and oils while being safe for people and the ecosystem. What’s more, Oxi Fresh’s cleaning machines don’t require power from running vehicles - unlike steam cleaning equipment - which means The Stubblefield's are helping keep Pearland’s air pure.

It’s through water conservation, though, that Oxi Fresh is making the biggest difference. When Lance & Maruska clean a house, they only need 2 gallons of water thanks to the remarkable efficacy of the Oxi Fresh system. A steam cleaner, however pointlessly drenches the carpets in 40-60 gallons of water. That’s dozens of gallons of water that Oxi Fresh can save with just one house. In a year, we can end up saving the city tens of thousands of gallons of water!

Lance and Maruska are proud to be able to help keep Pearland strong and green while getting carpets clean. They look forward to serving you soon!

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