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East Arlington Upholstery Cleaning


East Arlington Upholstery Cleaning

Coming home from a hard day is always nice, and having a clean, comfortable sofa, chair or recliner makes it even better. East Arlington upholstery cleaning by Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can make sure that your favorite spot to relax is clean and inviting. No one wants to sit on a dirty piece of upholstery. 

We don’t just take care of the furniture in your home, we can also take care of the upholstery where you work. Whether it is your office chair or the waiting room, nothing is too dirty or delicate for Oxi Fresh to clean. Let Oxi Fresh clean your living room and your workspace. 

Give our Scheduling Center a call at 817-200-4890 so that we can get to work for you. There’s no reason to wait, with Oxi Fresh you set up the time and place of your appointment, and we arrive on time and ready to clean. 

How We Clean 

In order to achieve consistent, high-level results, Oxi Fresh uses a five-step process. This is what that process will look like for your appointment. 

Step 1

We begin by inspecting the upholstery, finding out where dirt and grime are hiding. If we find any damage, we will let you know so that you aren’t out of the loop. 

Step 2

The next step is to apply our pretreatment solution. This enzyme-powered solution will be put all over your piece, and it immediately begins the cleaning by breaking down grime wherever it is found. 

Step 3

The Oxi Pro upholstery-cleaning machine will now be used to wash and help extract any dirt and grime that has been broken down. 

Step 4

To prevent unsightly water stains and other remnants from causing you problems, we now use an encapsulating rinse over the piece. 

Step 5

To finish, we will groom the piece we have cleaned and set up fans so that it dries faster and doesn’t stay wet for too long.

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CS. - East Brunswick, NJ - 11/29/2021
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The carpet looks brand new; and the technician John Powell was professional, helpful, and friendly. JR. - Bristol, TN - 11/29/2021
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BB. - Loogootee, IN - 11/29/2021
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Victor Guy

Meet Victor Guy


Victor Guy knows how important clean upholstery is to the look and feel of any room in a home or business. That is why he and his team are ready to bring East Arlington upholstery cleaning to you. They could even get your upholstery looking years younger.

Why People Choose Oxi Fresh

There are a lot of cleaning companies, but only one Oxi Fresh. Here are just a few reasons why people keep coming back. 

High-Quality Results - When Oxi Fresh cleans for you, you can expect professional results every time. People have grown to expect and adore our cleaning. 

Environmentally Friendly - At Oxi Fresh, we take the environment seriously. This is one reason why we have spent decades perfecting our solutions and processes so that they are less harmful to the environment. 

Easy Appointments - Oxi Fresh doesn’t use scheduling windows, because we don’t believe in wasting your time. We arrive on time, you get to select the time we show up. 

Additional Cleaning

Oxi Fresh doesn’t just provide East Arlington upholstery cleaning. We can also take care of tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and residential and commercial carpet cleaning

Let Oxi Fresh get started cleaning. Simply call our Scheduling Center at 817-200-4890 and book your appointment today.

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