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Cuero Steam Cleaning


Cuero Steam Cleaning

Clean carpets are beautiful, they can make a room warm and inviting. Cuero steam cleaning used to be the only option for carpet cleaning, and it was so bad a lot of people simply didn’t bother. Now you can choose to have Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning clean your carpet, getting it looking years younger with a single cleaning. 

Oxi Fresh manages this by using amazing solutions and machines that are designed specifically to get through any dirt or grime. They are also created to be eco-friendly because Oxi Fresh has spent decades ensuring that our methods and solutions use as little water and electricity as possible to still achieve stunning results. 

If you’re ready for a carpet cleaning like you deserve, forget about steam cleaning in Cuero. You deserve to have an Oxi Fresh cleaning, and we can’t wait to work for you. Use our Online Scheduler or call our Scheduling Center at 361-799-2800 today. 

Disadvantages of Steam Cleaning 

Steam cleaning comes with a lot of problems. Often people cover delicate fabrics and upholstery with plastic or try to hide heirlooms from the heat and steam. Beyond that, the amount of water that is used during steam cleaning is staggering. 

Oxi Fresh uses 95% less water. This means that we won’t oversaturate your carpet like steam cleaning will. Oversaturating can lead to wickback and even mold growing between the carpet and the pad. 

Wickback is when too much water is put on a carpet, pushing dirt and oils through into the pad. As the carpet dries, the dirty spots return, wasting your time and money. With Oxi Fresh, you won’t have to worry about that. 

If you’re ready to leave behind the disadvantages of Cuero steam cleaning and embrace Oxi Fresh, give us a call today at 361-799-2800!

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I was not able to use your service, however your associate honesty was welcoming and if I should have the opportunity to use your company I will TC. - Denver, CO - 08/12/2022
(4.5 Out of 5 stars)
PB. - Brandon, MS - 08/12/2022
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My tech guy was so friendly and excellent at cleaning my sisters carpet throughout her house paying attention to detail. Great guy! BZ. - Cleveland, OH - 08/12/2022
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Bruce Troutman

Meet Bruce Troutman


When it comes to getting a superior alternative to Cuero steam cleaning, Bruce Troutman and his team are here for you. They are proud to offer Oxi Fresh cleaning that can deliver amazing results with only a single cleaning. Let them get started working for you.

How We Clean Carpet

When it comes to cleaning carpet, Oxi Fresh is the clear choice. This will give you an idea of what to expect when we come to clean for you. 

Step 1: We begin by checking the carpet over entirely. This shows us where dirt and grime are accumulating. Any damage we find is recorded and you are kept in the loop on what to expect. 

Step 2: Now, a pretreatment solution is applied directly to the thickest layers of grime. Powered by enzymes, this solution will start the cleaning process off by immediately beginning to break down any grime and dirt. 

Step 3: The core cleaning solution of Oxi Fresh is amazing. It does two things at the same time. It breaks down dirt and grime while also encapsulating debris and grit in micro-crystals for easy removal. 

Step 4: The OF1000 will be used. This machine has dual, counter-rotating brush heads so that it can break down even the hardest-to-reach dirt and grime. 

Step 5: Once we are done cleaning, we will groom and vacuum the floor in order to leave it in pristine condition. 

Residential and Commercial Cleaning 

Oxi Fresh can take care of more than carpets. We do more than just clean better than Cuero steam cleaning. We also do hardwood floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. Call our Scheduling Center at 361-799-2800 or use our Online Scheduler to set up your appointment today. 

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