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Copperas Cove Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Copperas Cove Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors can be beautiful, as long as dirt, oil and grime don’t ruin the appearance of the floor. Copperas Cove hardwood floor cleaning by Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can get the dark spots, oily smudge marks, and discolorations off even the most delicate and beautiful of wood floors. 

Our revolutionary cleaning equipment and amazing solutions will be put to work by our highly skilled cleaning technicians. All three will come together for your home, this is why Oxi Fresh invests so heavily in making sure that we remain on the cutting edge. 

Are you ready for a Copperas Cove hardwood floor cleaning that can make your floor look years younger? Call our Scheduling Center at 254-892-0122 so we can get started cleaning for you. 

How We Clean 

Are you ready for the dirt, oil, and grime to be removed from your hardwood floor? If so, let us get started working for you. If you have any questions, this is how we get the job done. 

Step 1: First we will inspect the floor, checking it over for any heavily soiled or damaged areas. We will do this inspection with you, so that you are informed of what we find and the results. 

Step 2: Vacuuming the floor removes any debris that could become abrasive to the floor under the weight of our cleaning equipment. 

Step 3: We then apply a pretreatment solution to the floor. This pretreatment uses enzymes to break down even the thickest layers of grime. Meanwhile, our OF2000 cleaning machine helps to accelerate the cleaning by agitating the surface of the floor. 

Step 4: Next up, we use our core cleaning solution and the OF2000 again, making another pass to ensure that the floor is clean. 

Step 5: This is an optional step, but we would highly recommend it. With cleaning over, we can use our Oxi Fresh Refinisher to apply a semi-gloss, temporary urethane coating that will help keep your floor clean and clear for months. 

If you’re ready for your Copperas Cove hardwood floor cleaning, simply call our Scheduling Center at 254-892-0122 so we can get started.

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Mariano Jimenez

Meet Mariano Jimenez


Mariano Jimenez knows what it takes to get hardwood floors clean. Mariano and his team have the equipment, skills and solutions to deliver true Copperas Cove hardwood floor cleaning. Let them show you what Oxi Fresh can do for your floors.

Why People Prefer Oxi Fresh

No Sanding - We don’t rely on harsh, abrasive measures like sanding to get results. 

Quick Cleaning - Our cleaning is fast and efficient. We won’t sand your hardwood or use any toxic varnishes on it.

Easy Appointments - We’ve done away with window bookings, where you’re left waiting at home all day for someone to show up. You choose the exact date and time that works best for you!

Oxi Fresh Can Clean More 

In addition to delivering Copperas Cove hardwood floor cleaning, Oxi Fresh can clean the other floors in your home as well. We can take care of carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, as well as upholstery cleaning

Whether you need your floors or furniture cleaned, give our Scheduling Center a call at 254-892-0122 so we can take care of it for you.

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