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Oklahoma City Steam Cleaning


Oklahoma City Steam Cleaning

Carpets are unfortunately highly susceptible to dirt. If you want to make sure your carpet remains fresh and clean, you may think an Oklahoma City steam cleaning is just what you need. In actuality, steam cleaning may not be what is best. If you want a modern and cutting edge approach to carpet cleaning, an appointment with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is just what you’ve been looking for.

Let the old approach to steam cleaning go and instead choose the fresh and modern approach to carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh. Our powerful and green cleaning solutions are able to break down grime and debris with ease, and we can renew your flooring in just one appointment!

If you desire the best alternative to steam cleaning, Oxi Fresh is here for you! Give us a call at 405-510-0200 to get in touch with our Scheduling Center or you can book instantly using our Online Scheduler.

The Best Alternative to Steam Cleaning in Oklahoma City

Steam cleaning has historically led to a host of issues and inconveniences. If you have ever had a steam cleaning done you know about the inconveniences that come with a carpet soaked in water. These drenched floors can take up to a day to dry!

In addition to this, old-fashioned methods of steam cleaning can lead to what is called “wickback.” This is when previously erased stains or spots reemerge over time, leading to your carpets looking dirty and dingy once again. It would appear that old methods of steam cleaning are simply just too inconvenient. Thankfully, an alternative option remains in Oxi Fresh!

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Jase Rahill

Meet Jase Rahill


Do you need a fast-drying and powerfully effective cleaning in Oklahoma City? If so Jase Rahill is here for you! Our powerful and affordable cleanings pack all of the cleaning power you could desire while remaining conveniently fast drying. When you book a carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh you can expect your floors to dry in about an hour! That’s significantly faster than the 12-24 hour dry times you can expect from the steam cleaners in Oklahoma City.

The Oxi Fresh Cleaning Process

Oxi Fresh’s cleaning process is powerful and effective and can leave your carpet looking years younger in just one appointment. When you book a carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh, here is exactly what you can expect.

Step 1: First, your cleaning professional will inspect your carpets thoroughly, we do this to note any areas of heavy dirt that may require extra cleaning attention.

Step 2: Next, we begin our cleaning method by applying our enzyme boosted pretreatment solution. This solution targets grime and dirt and breaks down the stubborn particles that have clung to your carpet.

Step 3: Next, we use our main carpet cleaning formula. This combines two different solutions into one. First, our oxygen boosted formula continues to break down dirt particles, then our encapsulator traps dirt into crystals preventing them from attaching to your carpet fibers allowing us to remove them more efficiently.

Step 4: We then utilize our Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning machine, which uses carpet cleaning brushes to dig deep into your carpet and break apart sunken dirt and grime particles. This machine is able to clean efficiently without compressing your carpet.

Step 5: We end our process by vacuuming and grooming your carpets thoroughly.

Our process is powerful and thorough and produces quality results. In addition, instead of an Oklahoma City steam cleaning that takes forever to dry, your floors will dry in about an hour!

Additional Services

Oxi Fresh is better than steam cleaning for a lot of reasons. Not only is our carpet-cleaning process better than those of steam cleaning companies, but we also offer several additional services that steam cleaners don't. Try our tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services to get your whole home looking pristine.

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