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Merrimack Steam Cleaning


Merrimack Steam Cleaning

There’s little that’s more inviting than clean, fresh carpet throughout a home. 

When your carpets need cleaning, it’s easy to turn to a Merrimack steam cleaning. But did you know that there’s a better option?

No matter what lengths you go to to keep your carpets looking pristine, homes were meant to be lived in. Eventually, dirt, dust, and grime can end up making your floors look less than their best. 

Unlike old-fashioned steam carpet cleaning that can leave you stuck with wet carpets for up to a full day or more, floors cleaned with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning are dry in about one hour! Oxi Fresh is a modern alternative that combines the power of oxygen with green, innovative solutions to leave your floors looking healthy and fresh once more.

For powerful carpet cleaning that minimally disrupts your home, look no further than the convenience of Oxi Fresh! To reserve your next Merrimack professional carpet cleaning, stop by our Online Scheduler or call us at 603-782-0004 today! 

Disadvantages of Steam Cleaning

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the worst part of having their carpets cleaned is waiting for them to dry. Conventional steam cleaning can oversaturate your floors with water, leaving you waiting 24 hours or longer. For families with young children or pets, keeping everyone off the carpet is more than just an inconvenience—it’s an impossibility! 

Worse, the lengthy drying time can lead to mold and mildew forming in your carpet, creating unpleasant smells that linger in your home. But the hassle of steam cleaning doesn’t end there. 

Steam cleaning can also lead to a condition known as “wickback.” When wickback occurs, a stain can seem to disappear initially but reappear as the carpet dries. This is caused by failure to properly extract the stain due to oversaturation. 

Fortunately, Oxi Fresh offers a low-moisture alternative to Merrimack steam cleaning. With fast-drying Oxi Fresh, you’ll enjoy the pure pleasure of walking on clean, beautiful carpet within about one hour of cleaning. 

To schedule your carpet cleaning and get fresh, healthy carpets without the inconvenience, use our handy  Online Scheduler or call us at 603-782-0004. We’re waiting for your call!

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Great and professional service. I had Carpet cleaning on stairs, hallway and den. I will be glad to use Oxi Fresh again. Thank you SW. - Mount Carmel, TN - 08/08/2022
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Tim Belinsky

Meet Tim Belinsky


Tim Belinsky is proudly committed to serving the Merrimack community with environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning from Oxi Fresh! When you work with Tim Belinsky and his helpful carpet cleaning technicians, you’ll experience excellent customer service and professional results. He can’t wait to give your floors a makeover!

What to Expect With Oxi Fresh

When you work with Oxi Fresh, you’re working with an established carpet cleaning company. We combine a modern cleaning system with carpet cleaning expertise to erase years of dust, dirt, grime, and spills. You’ll see world-class results that dry in about one hour from the time your carpet is cleaned and learn why Oxi Fresh is the best alternative to Merrimack steam cleaning.

When you schedule an appointment for professional carpet cleaning service with Oxi Fresh, we use a proven five-step process. 

Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1 – First, we begin by examining your carpets thoroughly to look for significant stains or heavily soiled areas. We’ll diagnose any areas that require special treatment and talk about expected outcomes. 

Step 2 – Next, we apply our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution to break down stubborn dirt and oils embedded deep within your carpet. 

Step 3 – We then apply a combination of two different products that make up our core carpet cleaning solution. The first product works to break down dirt using an oxygenated booster. The second is an encapsulator that works by trapping dirt into tiny microscopic crystals to prevent reattachment to fibers of your carpet. 

Step 4 – Next, we use an advanced carpet cleaning machine to clean your floors. Our machine’s counter-rotating brushes efficiently lift debris from deep within your carpet’s fibers leaving floors thoroughly cleaned. Unlike steam cleaning, our machine deep cleans your carpet without compressing the fibers, leaving your floors looking clean and fresh. 

Step 5 – Finally, we leave your carpets looking their best by vacuuming and then grooming them. 

When we’re finished, our convenient process will have erased years of dirt and debris from your floors without the hassle of waiting hours for your carpets to dry. When you’re looking for an alternative to a Merrimack steam cleaning, there’s no better solution than Oxi Fresh for getting your floors clean and beautiful fast!

Residential and Commercial Services

In addition to our residential carpet cleaning services, Oxi Fresh also offers commercial carpet cleanings. The convenience of Oxi Fresh makes it an ideal solution for homes and businesses alike. 

To find out why everyone is talking about Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning, call us at 603-782-0004 or visit our Online Scheduler today to book your next Merrimack professional carpet cleaning!

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