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Westminster Steam Cleaning


Westminster Steam Cleaning

Every homeowner wants their carpets to be clean and inviting. In the old days this meant you would have to rely on Westminster steam cleaning. Thankfully those days are gone. Let Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning provide you with a superior carpet cleaning. You don’t have to worry or suffer through steam cleaning any longer. 

Oxi Fresh uses modern solutions; we don’t cling to old, outdated methods of cleaning. Our solutions break down dirt and grime while our equipment uses less water and electricity to achieve superior results. Oxi Fresh has long been the best choice if you’re interested in eco-friendly cleaning.

To get a superior cleaning alternative don’t worry about steam cleaning in Westminster. Call our Scheduling Center at 410-609-4488 and set up your appointment today. 

Steam Cleaning Disadvantages 

Westminster steam cleaning wasn’t just inconvenient, it could be worse. When you use too much water to clean a carpet you soak that carpet through with water. This could trap water under the pad where it would mold or begin to smell. This could even impact your family’s health. 

Another big problem with steam cleaning is wickback. This is when the amount of water used pushes dirt and grime through the carpet fibers. When the carpet dries, those dirty spots return as if they had never been cleaned. This just wastes your money and time. 

Oxi Fresh avoids all of this by using 95% less water than Westminster steam cleaning companies do. We also require less electricity. Our ecological footprint is tiny compared to older methods of carpet cleaning. We do all of this, and the carpets we clean dry in around 1 hour, not 12-24 hours like steam cleaning.

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Brendan cleaned our carpet today here in Kansas City, MO. He did an amazing job. Walked the house with us before he started and asked questions around any issues we were having and what he could do to solve them. Brendan was thorough, knowledgeable, efficient and so personable! He’s a keeper and we’ll be requesting him again in 6 months! Thx for hiring such a great representative of your company. JE. - Kansas City, MO - 11/16/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
DL. - Billings, MT - 11/15/2022
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JN. - Edmond, OK - 11/15/2022
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Chrissy Marriner

Meet Chrissy Marriner


Chrissy Marriner and her team are proud to be your superior alternative to Westminster steam cleaning. They are ready to get started so that your carpet can look years younger. Chrissy and her team have the experience, tools and equipment to get the job done right.

How We Clean

To get the results we promise, Oxi Fresh uses a five-step process. This process helps make sure that nothing is missed and no part of the carpet is left behind. 

Step 1 

We begin with an inspection of the carpet. If we notice any damage, we’ll keep you in the loop. Otherwise, we’ll be looking for where dirt and grime are building up. 

Step 2 

A pretreatment solution is put on the thickest layers of grime. Powered by enzymes, this solution breaks down the grime and dirt without a problem. 

Step 3 

Our core cleaning solution is now used. This breaks down dirt and grime while encapsulating debris and grit in microcrystals. 

Step 4 

We will use the OF1000, an amazing carpet-cleaning machine, to scrub the floor with its dual brush heads. This will help to break down even the most hidden contaminants. 

Step 5 

With the cleaning over, we will vacuum and groom the carpet for a wonderful finish. 

Other Cleaning Services

Oxi Fresh can do more than provide a superior carpet cleaning compared to steam cleaning in Westminster. We can also provide you with the tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning that you need. Let us get the cleaning done, don’t break your back, let us work for you. 

Call our Scheduling Center at 410-609-4488, or use our Online Scheduler to book today!

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