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Lakewood Carpet Stain Removal


Lakewood Carpet Stain Removal

Spills – the bane of carpets. Thankfully, Oxi Fresh’s Lakewood specialty stain removal service can erase even the trickiest spots and spills. Whether it’s coffee or nail polish, spaghetti sauce or wine, we can rescue your home’s carpets.

What’s our secret? How can we erase gum, wax, and ink from carpets? It’s all thanks to our highly skilled technicians and our Spotting Kit. This collection of advanced solutions was designed to quickly and effectively break down extremely stubborn spots. With them and our team’s hard-work and know-how, we’ll get your carpets looking and feeling fantastic again.

The Spotting Kit is not of our normal cleaning process, so be sure to ask your technician if it’s something your home’s carpets need.

What Can Oxi Fresh Clean for You?

There are a lot of spots out there from a lot of different sources. Which ones can Oxi Fresh clean for you? Can we do red wine? What about ink? How do we handle things like printer toner or jelly?

We can take care of it all!

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Jonathan Barnett

Meet Jonathan Barnett


Jonathan Barnett and his team are here to serve you. Whether your home is struggling with a juice spill, a piece of gum stuck in the carpet, or something else, this team will bring their expertise to bear to save your carpets.

Oxi Fresh Can Handle Your Specialty Stain Removal

We can handle just about everything! Here’s a list of some of the stains our experts can erase:

  • Adhesive spots in carpets
  • Asphalt sealers in carpets
  • Makeup stains in carpets
  • Lipstick stains in carpets
  • Marker stains in carpets
  • Crayon stains in carpets
  • Ink stains in carpets
  • Nail polish stains in carpets
  • Shoe polish stains in carpets
  • Furniture polish stains in carpets
  • Varnish stains in carpets
  • Oil stains in carpets
  • Grease stains in carpets
  • Synthetic dye stains in carpets
  • Tea stains in carpets
  • Wine stains in carpets
  • Fruit stains in carpets
  • Vegetable stains in carpets
  • Urine stains in carpets
  • Watermark stains in carpets
  • Browning stains in carpets
  • Gravy stains in carpets
  • Chocolate stains in carpets
  • Ice cream stains in carpets
  • Egg stains in carpets
  • Milk stains in carpets
  • Tomato stains in carpets
  • Starches in carpets
  • Photocopy toner in carpets
  • Soil filtration lines
  • Wax in carpets
  • Gum in carpets
  • And more!

Don’t see your particular spot? We can probably still help. Just give us a call and ask one of our friendly customer service representatives about your spot and our Lakewood specialty stain removal service. They’ll let you know if Oxi Fresh can help.

Professional Spot Treatment

There are a lot of spotters you can buy from your grocery store, products that claim to erase almost every kind of stain imaginable. So why should you use Oxi Fresh? There are two reasons.

First, our products are professional grade and each have a specific purpose. An over-the-counter spotter can use broad-spectrum chemicals that aren’t actually needed. Our products are designed to tackle specific problems and get quality results.

Second, our technicians are trained to truly understand stains and how to get rid of them. They know the best techniques and product combinations that will get you world class results. They also know how to test the carpet to make sure that the staining materials haven’t caused permanent damage.

Advantages of Oxi Fresh’s Lakewood Specialty Stain Removal Services

  • Fast Dry Times for Maximum Convenience
  • Rapid Results for Quick Turn Around
  • Competitive Pricing for Quality Service

Don’t let your carpets languish under spots and spills. Schedule your carpet cleaning today! Just call our friendly Scheduling Center and ask about our Spotting Kit!

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