Top Reasons to Choose Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Services

Top Reasons to Choose Oxi Fresh

Oxi Fresh Albuquerque Carpet Cleaning Franchise Names Top Reasons to Choose Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Services

Albuquerque, NM (Marketwire) September 21, 2010 – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning© is pleased to announce its Albuquerque carpet cleaning franchise has released a list of the top reasons to choose green carpet cleaning services from Oxi Fresh. Amongst the many reasons include a quick one-hour dry time, top-notch service, and a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

"We always enjoy telling people about the benefits of the powerful oxygenated Oxi Fresh cleaning system over steam cleaners or dry/spin bonnet cleaners," said an Oxi Fresh Albuquerque representative. "This list has just a few of the advantages of choosing Oxi Fresh’s green carpet cleaning in Albuquerque."

The Oxi Fresh Albuquerque, NM carpet cleaner franchise’s list of top reasons to choose Oxi Franchise includes:

1. Convenient One-Hour Drying Time:

The water-heavy method of steam cleaning carpets can take 24 hours or longer to dry, leaving carpet susceptible to mold and mildew. Oxi Fresh’s cleaning solution avoids this mold by using the power of oxygen to clean, rather than tons of water and chemicals. While using 5% of the water that steam cleaning uses to clean a home, Oxi Fresh uses pile lifting technology to effectively remove the dirt and oils from the bottom of the carpet pile without compression, producing a truly deep cleaning as opposed to just the surface cleaning most dry cleaners provide. Carpet dries in as little as one hour, with no crunchy residue.

2. Convenient Appointments:

Most carpet cleanings don’t exactly come with advance notice – last-minute out-of-town guests ask if they can come visit, the dog has an accident, or a glass of wine gets spilled on the carpet. For that reason, the Oxi Fresh Call Center staff is always ready and waiting to make an appointment that best fits each customer’s schedule. "We know your time is valuable, so we book for specific times, rather than a window. This gives you the freedom to schedule the carpet cleaning around your day, rather than your day around the carpet cleaning," said the Oxi Fresh Albuquerque representative.

3. Experienced Staff:

Oxi Fresh Albuquerque only employs top-notch carpet cleaning technicians, so customers can be confident that the staff coming to clean their carpets will be respectful, organized, reliable, and experienced. The carpet cleaning technician usually will begin by giving the customer a call before they arrive for the appointment, and once they arrive will do a walkthrough of the areas to be cleaned to note any spots, stains or high-traffic areas. Once finished with the carpet cleaning, the technician will conduct a post-cleaning inspection to ensure the client is satisfied with the job.

4. Environmentally-friendly products:

Oxi Fresh uses a low-moisture carpet cleaning system to conserve water, efficient equipment, energy-saving technology, and safe products to reduce any negative effect on the environment. Plus, all of their cleaning products are natural and safe for children, pets and the environment! That means you and your family can feel safe after an Oxi Fresh cleaning and won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.

Oxi Fresh of Albuquerque has many more reasons to choose Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning services. To find great deals on Albuquerque carpet cleaning, visit

About Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®:
Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®, one of the nation’s fastest-growing carpet franchises, offers oxygen powered cleaning, which cleans all the way down to the bottom of the carpet pile. Oxi Fresh currently has more than 200 locations throughout the United States, and has more than 50 carpet cleaner locations in development.

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