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Oxi Fresh Opens New Location in Houston

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Oxi Fresh has recently announced the opening of a new carpet cleaning location in the Houston Metro area. Lead by Chris Haas, this new franchise is committed to bringing environmentally sound carpet cleaning to the city and surrounding areas.“Oxi Fresh provides a green and efficient way of cleaning with one of the fastest drying times in the nation,” said Mr. Haas, referring to the company’s water conservation practices that lead to one-hour dry times and can save 95% of the water that other company’s would waste. He later added that, “[o]ur goal is to become the city’s go-to for the greenest, most efficient carpet cleaning results.”Mr. Haas is a longtime businessman, with over 15 years of sales and leadership experience, including in the solar industry. Oxi Fresh’s Home Office has expressed confidence that he’ll provide his customers with first-class customer service.“Customers demand both quality results and a quality system that’s safe . . . Chris and his team are bringing just that to Houston,” said Mr. Barnett, “I’m confident that with our green cleaning system, they’ll leave customers happy while helping make Houston a greener, healthier place to live.”To read the full article on Mr. Haas’s new location, please click here.