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Oxi Fresh Donates Nearly $23,000 to Water.org in 9 Months

Lakewood, CO – Nine months ago, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning began donating to Water.org for every job that customers scheduled online through www.oxifresh.com. Since that time, Oxi Fresh has donated $22,886 dollars to the nonprofit, allowing them to help over 900 people get access to safe water and sanitation.

Water.org, founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, is on a mission to help communities throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean develop sustainable solutions to their water and sanitation needs. They’ve already helped over four million people, and are constantly working to assist more and more communities.

Kris Antolak, Oxi Fresh’s vice president, said that, “The team at Oxi Fresh and all of our franchisees want to help those in need, and so we’re happy to give to this cause and are excited to keep giving as time goes on.”

To learn more about how Water.org is helping communities gain access to both safe water and to sanitation, please visit them at www.water.org. Please consider donating to their cause as well. To schedule a carpet cleaning online and help the cause, please visit www.oxifresh.com/water-org.

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