Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Ranked in New Listing by Entrepreneur Magazine

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Carpet Cleaning Franchise Named a Top Part-Time Franchise System

LAKEWOOD, COEntrepreneur Magazine has long been responsible for the Franchise 500, a listing of the top franchise opportunities currently available. This invaluable ranking has been of great use to entrepreneurs around the world as they consider the next steps in their business journeys.

Every year, Entrepreneur also releases companion rankings to the Franchise 500. These rankings cover a wide variety of important categories that can help businesspeople choose a franchise system that best suits them. These include things like fastest-growing systems and top systems for veterans.

A new listing released for the 2021 Franchise 500 was the Top Part-Time Franchise, a listing of franchise opportunities that can be run in under 40 hours per week. “Not every business has to consume your life,” says Entrepreneur editor-in-chief Jason Feifer, “To prove that point, we’re excited to showcase the top franchises that fit neatly into a flexible lifestyle. If you’re looking for the thrill and benefits of business ownership but are also juggling other obligations in your life, this list is a perfect place to start.”

The carpet cleaning franchise Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning was featured in this new ranking. They came in the 30th position; their other rankings for the year included the following:

  • Franchise 500 Overall Ranking: 469th
  • Fastest-Growing Franchise (U.S. & Canada): 65th
  • Fastest-Growing Franchise (Worldwide): 79th
  • Top Franchise for Less Than $50,000: 48th

“We’re incredibly proud to have ranked,” said Mr. Barnett, Oxi Fresh’s CEO and founder, “2020 was a challenging year, of course, but Oxi Fresh managed to not merely survive but thrive during that time. We think this ranking reflects our focus and commitment to both our franchisees and our customers.”

The Power of Oxygen

This carpet cleaning franchise brand has long set itself apart from old-fashioned cleaners with its modern methods. For example, rather than relying on the carpet-saturating methods of steam cleaning, Oxi Fresh’s low-moisture cleaning process utilizes an oxygen-powered cleaning solution and pile-lifting machine to transform floors without soaking them.

This means the carpet cleaning franchise can rescue carpets from years of dirt while also keeping dry times down to just about one hour. That’s far more convenient than the 12-24 hour dry times of many steam cleaners. On top of this, the Oxi Fresh method is eco-friendly—they save significant amounts of water and use green carpet cleaning solutions.

A Modern Carpet Cleaner

As a carpet cleaning system, Oxi Fresh also offers potential franchisees a range of powerful advantages. These include:

Powerful Operations Support: The Oxi Fresh staff are always ready to assist the franchisees, but Oxi Fresh does more than just wait by the phone. They’ve implemented numerous programs and tools that streamline daily operations, enabling franchisees to focus on growth rather than the daily grind.

The Scheduling Center: For many carpet cleaners, regular customer calls are a burden. Yes, it means more jobs, but it means constantly interrupting your day to schedule them, or you have to build and manage a call center. Oxi Fresh manages all of this for their carpet cleaning franchisees. The Home Office’s Scheduling Center takes calls, books appointments, answers questions, and more.

CRM Software: Oxi Fresh has built a specialized software suite designed to manage everything from appointment booking to schedule management to creating marketing reports.

To learn more about the advantages offered by Oxi Fresh, click here. To book a carpet cleaning appointment with your local franchise, click here. To read the original article about Oxi Fresh’s rankings, click here.

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