Oxi Fresh and Water.org: Helping People in Need Around the World

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Carpet Cleaning Franchise’s Donations Help Thousands

LAKEWOOD, Co. – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, one of the world’s fastest-growing carpet cleaning franchise brands, recently surpassed $125,000 in donations to the non-profit Water.org. The brand has been donating since 2015, and their giving has helped around 13,000 people.

But how exactly have Oxi Fresh’s donations gone to help? Does Water.org give out water? Build wells themselves? No – Water.org has taken a different approach to helping families and communities throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They work with local financial institutions in order to help people get small, affordable loans.

This pioneering approach empowers local people and leads to more sustainable solutions to water and sanitation needs. Water.org’s modern approach to aiding those in need has helped over thirty-six million people – a truly remarkable achievement.

“What Water.org has managed to accomplish is astonishing,” said Jonathan Barnett, the carpet cleaning franchise’s founder and president, “Their innovative approach leads to long-term improvements in life for those in need. By helping people get access to safe water, they both free them from hours and hours of daily labor and also prevent illnesses and deaths. This freedom and safety enables people to spend their time improving their lives instead of just surviving. We’re proud to be one of their supporters!”

Water and Oxi Fresh – Giving and Saving

“The story of Oxi Fresh is closely tied to water,” said Kris Antolak, VP of Oxi Fresh, “Through our donations to Water.org, we’ve helped over ten thousand people get long-term access to safe water. But through our cleaning system, Oxi Fresh has helped conserve tens of millions of gallons of water.”

The Oxi Fresh cleaning process is unlike traditional steam cleaning methods. Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction to be more accurate, relies on saturating floors with cleaning chemicals and water. The problem is that this requires 40-60 gallons of water to clean a home and can lead to extended dry times of up to 24 hours.

Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning franchisees, though, use a modern, low-moisture cleaning system. This method relies on carpet agitation and powerful but green cleaning solutions. Together, they enable a thorough cleaning that reduces water usage by 95% compared to steam cleaning.

“In just one home,” said Mr. Antolak, “An Oxi Fresh cleaning can save 48-58 gallons of water. If that job was booked online, then we also are able to help someone in need through our work with Water.org. We save water when we clean, and we help families get access to safe water through our donations – plus, the customer gets an amazing appointment. It’s a win-win-win.”

To read more about Oxi Fresh’s donations to Water.org, you can read the original article here. If you are looking to schedule an appointment with a local carpet cleaning franchise, click here. Interested in owning your own carpet cleaning business? Click here.

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