Jonathan Barnett Featured in USA Weekly

Oxi Fresh’s President and CEO Discusses Business’s Challenges and Successes

LAKEWOOD, CO – Jonathan Barnett, the CEO and President of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, was recently featured in an interview with USA Weekly about what it’s like building and maintaining a successful business. The interview is part of a series that focuses on businesses and the challenges they face in today’s market.

Mr. Barnett answered questions about the nature of his company, what he sees his duties are as its president, the way he’s working to help Oxi Fresh grow, and more.

This isn’t Mr. Barnett’s first such interview, of course. He and his company have been featured on Fox Business News, in The Franchise Times, and other publications. Oxi Fresh has also won numerous awards from Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, FranchiseGator, the Franchise Business Review, and many others.

In the interview, Mr. Barnett talked about how Oxi Fresh has set itself apart with its “fast drying, green carpet cleaning service that leaves floors looking and feeling years younger.” According to Mr. Barnett, this radical approach to cleaning has helped change the way that customers think about carpet cleaning.

His company has also stood out thanks to its commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Their modern cleaning method uses around 5% of the water of traditional steam cleaning methods while still getting “world-class result.” Because to this, the company estimates they’ve saved over thirty-five million gallons of water since 2006.

Mr. Barnett also explained how the company has been changing the franchising side of the industry via a commitment to creating a “streamlined, modern business platform.” They employ a variety of software systems and programs designed to enhance their franchisees’ ability to operate their businesses.

After discussing how Oxi Fresh operated, Mr. Barnett talked about what his position in the company entailed. He reports that it is his responsibility to find new ways to accelerate the company’s growth and development. “I work to find new solutions, implement new programs, find superior vendors,” he said, “to do everything I can to give our business and our franchisees a competitive edge.

That led into the next part of the interview that focused on the challenges Oxi Fresh is facing. Mr. Barnett explained that, as a company, Oxi Fresh is always searching for “low-cost growth opportunities for [their] franchisees.” For the brand, such opportunities can encompass everything from educating their franchisees on new programs to discovering brand new marketing opportunities.

Yet for the company, discovering and sharing these tools is only part of the puzzle. They also recognize the challenge of implementing new programs across a large system that stretches across the United States and Canada.

In the last part of the interview, Mr. Barnett was asked to share what advice he would give his younger self. He talked about three points. The first was “You’ve got the green light until you get the red light,” a call to not delay or wait, but to always work on advancing the brand.

The second was “Speed through Systems.” According to Mr. Barnett, Oxi Fresh has been built around the idea of eliminating unnecessary work and creating opportunities via implementing and following systems and software. Finally, “Let go to grow.” Mr. Barnett explained that in order for a business to survive and thrive, its leader has to learn to let go of certain responsibilities and enable his or her team to step up.

To learn more about Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, click here. To learn about opening your own Oxi Fresh business, check out our franchise website.

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