Fixing Frustration: Wallpaper Removal

Removing Old Wallpaper

Well here’s a challenging one for our Fixing Frustration series – getting rid of old wallpaper. This tacky stuff can be a nightmare to remove, with many people hiring professionals, renting steam cleaning equipment, or just painting over the stuff.

Thankfully, there’s a pretty cheap solution to this problem: fabric softener. This great video from shows DIYers how to use a very basic solution of fabric softener and water and a small set of tools to cleanly strip away old wallpaper.

Of course, multiple wallpaper removal methods exist, and you should read about them here to make sure you’re picking the best one for your home.  You should also check out this article on from a professional wallpaper contractor and what he has learned over the years – it’s always good to hear from an expert.

Whatever method you end up picking, I hope this info helps you out and makes things easier for you. Good luck!


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Thanks to penywise for the great picture!

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Your company was very highly recommended by a friend that perhaps I was expecting too much. I thought the whole rug to be cleaned but saw that only the parts that looks obviously soiled were sprayed with a cleaner. After about 10 minutes James, the technician, told me he would be finished in 20 minutes and proceeded to vacuum the sprayed areas. I could still see the soiled areas although they somewhat showed less. James told me that if the darker areas were still visible in about one and a half hours when the carpet was fully dried, I should call and they would redo it. I called later the same day. Today James returned and sprayed the darkest areas, then let it sit a while, then vacuumed. The soiled areas are still visible, although not a much. I'm sure James is a nice guy but while he is working it is not a good idea to be hooked up to his phone and talking to someone the entire time he is working. Maybe it doesn't affect his work but it is very unprofessional. I expected a better job than this. JL. - Palm Springs, CA - 09/17/2020
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The team was incredibly professional, courteous and thorough. I was very pleased and impressed at their work and friendly attitudes. Highly recommend! TH. - Monument, CO - 09/17/2020
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