5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs and C-Level Executives

Jonathan Barnett stands at the side of an open Oxi Fresh van. Products can be seen in the background.

Jonathan Barnett Featured on Authority Magazine

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Authority Magazine recently featured a Q&A session with Jonathan Barnett, founder of the carpet cleaning franchise Oxi Fresh. As part of their “Through leadership interview series,” Mr. Barnett was asked about his history as an entrepreneur and things he wishes he would have known before becoming a c-level executive.

“We all make mistakes, learn lessons the hard way, and wish we could change certain things about the past,” said Mr. Barnett, “But, of course, we can’t do the latter. What we can do is share the lessons we learned with others. By talking about the things I wish I knew, I hope that I make life a little easier for entrepreneurs and up-and-coming business leaders.”

Lessons from Founding a Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Throughout the extensive Q&A, Mr. Barnett discussed his history, favorite books, interesting stories, and more. The focus of the article, though, was on five things he wishes he was told before he began leading as a c-level executive.

The five things Mr. Barnett shared were:

You’ve Got the Green Light: According to Mr. Barnett, it’s easy for people to waste their lives waiting for the perfect moment to act. A good entrepreneur knows that perfect moments are a myth. Rather than waiting around at life’s red light, they act like they’ve got the green light and charge forward.

Letting Go to Grow: It’s easy for new business owners or executives to want to control everything, but when you do that, the business can only get as big as you. In Mr. Barnett’s experience, in order to grow your business or department, you must learn to let go of certain responsibilities so you can instead focus on growth.

Speed Through Systems: The daily grind is an unavoidable part of life, but Mr. Barnett believes in the value of eliminating as much of it as possible. By automating or systematizing tasks and duties, time is saved and can be better used expanding the business. Mr. Barnett says this approach has enormously benefitted his carpet cleaning franchise company.

Ownership Through Scoring: Work can sometimes feel like it’s being done in a vacuum. That’s one reason why, according to Mr. Barnett, setting up scoring and tracking systems for tasks and duties is helpful. It gives people clarity and ownership over their responsibilities.

Profits with a Purpose: For Mr. Barnett, a business must be about more than profits. “I find tying your profits to a cause is healthy for both you, your employees, and the business as a whole. By giving your profits a noble purpose, you have a goal that can inspire you. You’re here to make money, yes, but you’re also here to make the world a better place.”

The head of the carpet cleaning franchise shared various other engaging lessons, anecdotes, and more. To read the original article, click here. To see additional interviews with Mr. Barnett, click here. To learn more about opening your own carpet cleaning franchise location, click here. Need your carpets cleaned? Click here.

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