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Burlington, WA - Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Near Burlington

With our industry-leading methods and safer, greener carpet cleaning compounds, Oxi Fresh is the Burlington commercial carpet cleaner you want to maintain your floors.

If you manage a property, run an office, or are otherwise in charge of a carpeted commercial space near Burlington, consider Oxi Fresh for your next commercial carpet cleaning. We offer an eco-friendly cleaning service that’s safe for pets, people, and the planet but still tough on dirt and grime. Plus, our process dries in about one hour—there’s no 12-24 hour dry time like you can get with some steam cleaners.

Ready to give us a call? You can schedule an appointment (or ask us questions) over the phone at 360-610-4222. Our team at the Scheduling Center looks forward to taking your call, so please reach out whenever you’re ready!

How We Clean Commercial Carpets

The excellence of our carpet cleaning system is the main reason we’ve become the number one commercial carpet cleaners in Burlington. We simply provide a quality cleaning service that leaves our customers deeply satisfied. 

While there’s more to it than this, here’s a simplified version of how we clean commercial carpets in Burlington using the main Oxi Fresh system. It begins with a careful examination of your carpeted floors. If we find any areas that appear to be heavily soiled, like a high-traffic lane, we’ll utilize our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution to begin cleaning those areas.

After we’ve given this pretreatment a chance to soak in and take effect, we’ll treat the entire carpet with a blend of an oxygen-powered booster paired with a high-powered encapsulator. This dynamic cleaning duo works at a molecular level to break down grime and trap it in microscopic crystals.

At this stage, we’ll utilize our advanced carpet cleaning machine, the OF1000, to clean the carpets from multiple directions. This revolutionary tool allows us to work our cleaning solutions deep into the carpet fibers, while simultaneously breaking down trapped dirt and grime.

Finally, we’ll thoroughly vacuum and groom your carpets to make sure they look great. And with our specialized, low-moisture system, your carpets will be dry in about one hour, meaning you can get back to work in your commercial space in Burlington without delay. 

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.5 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 10 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
AW. - Burlington, WA - 12/09/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Couch didn’t get completely cleaned. LW. - Mount Vernon, WA - 10/14/2023
(3.0 Out of 5 stars)
John was exceptional! Very professional and got the carpets cleaned quickly and extremely effectively. He ever removed a stain that had been in the carpet for years. Will definitely continue to use their services! WM. - La Conner, WA - 01/31/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Apurv & Shachi Shukla

Meet Apurv & Shachi Shukla


Apurv & Shachi Shukla are honored to bring the Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning system to clean Burlington’s commercial carpets. They and their team of skilled technicians simply can’t be beaten, so call us at 360-610-4222 to get on the schedule now!

Oxi Fresh: A Top Commercial Carpet Cleaner

With our eco-friendly carpet cleaning products and industry-leading dry times, we’re proud to offer one of the top carpet cleaning services out there today. We offer our customers a better carpet cleaning service with numerous advantages for commercial carpets, and our green carpet cleaning solutions and low-moisture, fast-drying system are just the beginning. 

In fact, along with our use of green carpet cleaning products, we also rely on eco-friendly practices, such as our water-conserving methods that require only 5% of the water needed for conventional steam cleanings. Plus, our equipment, like the OF1000, is engineered to be energy-efficient and to utilize wall outlets as the main source of energy, lessening our need for costly electricity. This portable equipment also means we can easily clean in spaces where steam cleaners might have trouble, like the top floors of a high-rise office building. 

We also offer convenient scheduling options that better meet your needs. For starters, you can reach our trained scheduling center staff at 360-610-4222 anytime you need to book an appointment or reach out with questions. These folks can help you set up a one-time commercial carpet cleaning that’ll satisfy your needs. 

Of course, we’re also more than happy to help create a cleaning plan and schedule for routine, ongoing carpet cleanings. As an example, we could arrange to clean all of your carpets once every six months, with more frequent cleanings of high-traffic areas occurring once every two or three months in between. This way, your carpets stay clean year-round, but we don’t waste any resources cleaning your entire carpet any more often than is truly necessary. 

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Considering these advantages, as well as our affordable prices and positive customer reviews, it’s easy to choose Oxi Fresh as your preferred commercial carpet cleaner in the Burlington area. Call us at 360-610-4222 whenever you’re ready to see our proven system in action.

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