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Syracuse, UT - Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Trying to get dirty hardwood floors clean again can drive anyone crazy. So, keep your sanity and let Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning rejuvenate your floors with a Syracuse hardwood floor cleaning! Your floors will look amazing without any harsh sanding! 

Our job is to make your hardwood floors look years younger, and our expert technicians use powerful cleaning products and modern tools to get your desired result. At Oxi Fresh, we don’t use any harsh sanding that can cause unwanted dust, making an even bigger mess. You’ll notice a sizable difference after only one Oxi Fresh hardwood cleaning service! 

Call our friendly and helpful Scheduling Center at 801-896-9394 today! We can’t wait to clean your hardwood floors for you!

Here’s How We Clean For You

We use specially designed cleaning equipment and solutions that are gentle on floors. Even though the process is gentle on your floors, it still knocks out heavy oils, dirt, and grime without harsh sanding or varnishes. 

If you aren’t sure what a  Syracuse hardwood floor cleaning with Oxi Fresh will look like, we can explain:

Step 1 – First, our expert technicians will inspect the floors thoroughly. We will be checking for any trouble areas or spills that need extra attention. We also discuss the results of the inspection to give you a sense of what to expect from the cleaning. 

Step 2 – Then we vacuum your floors with our first-rate wood floor cleaning equipment to make sure your floors don’t have any loose debris that could act as an abrasive during the cleaning process. 

Step 3 – Next, our OF2000 cleaning machine and pretreatment cleaning solution are added. The OF2000 is a specifically designed wood floor cleaning machine that uses a variety of different functions to clean your floors. The solution is applied, and the machine uses agitation and extraction to remove persistent stains and grime. Your floors will look amazing without becoming oversaturated with water.  

Step 4 – The OF2000 machine is used again with a core cleaning solution that will leave immaculate-looking floors. 

Step 5 (Optional) – After the cleaning process, ask your technician about our additional protective service. We add our Oxi Floor Refinisher which adds a protective urethane coating. The refinisher is temporary, but it leaves an amazing semi-gloss finish to your floors.  

Call our Scheduling Center today at 801-896-9394 for your next Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning service!

What Customers Are Saying

Average 5.0 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 3 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Amazing service, the carpets are day and night different! JC. - Clearfield, UT - 07/29/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Good morning, I am looking for some quotes on carpet cleaning. I have 2 rooms and a small hallway that will need pet odor removal. Can you give me a quote for that? Thank you! SS. - Clearfield, UT - 06/17/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
ST. - Syracuse, UT - 04/28/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Mike Commons

Meet Mike Commons


Mike Commons has the knowledge and expertise to have your hardwood floors looking great. He has assembled a team of professionals that can deliver gorgeous-looking floors. Mike Commons hopes to hear from you soon to schedule a Syracuse hardwood floor cleaning!

Why People Use Oxi Fresh

Zero Sanding - We believe in methods that are gentle but effective, and we do not use any harsh sanding or varnishes during our Syracuse hardwood floor cleaning.

Quick Cleanings - We try to make sure your day isn’t lost with lengthy cleaning processes thanks to the elimination of sanding, which can be time consuming.  

Easy Appointments - Random window appointments can be annoying, and most people don’t have time to sit around all day, waiting for technicians to arrive. When you call our scheduling system, you can choose the date and time that is right for you.

Acrylic Wax Removal - DIY floor-cleaning products contain acrylic waxes, which can add a nice temporary shine. However, the sheen dulls over time, and you must keep adding wax to retain that shine. The wax can build up on the floors and it must be removed before they can be properly cleaned. Ask your technician if you need this service.

Our Additional Services

Besides hardwood floors, Oxi Fresh has other great cleaning services for upholstery, tile and grout, and carpets too. Let our expert technicians rejuvenate your home and office space!

Want to learn more about our cleaning services? Call our Scheduling Center at 801-896-9394 today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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