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Greater Dallas, TX - Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery adds beauty and can act as a centerpiece of decoration. Whether your upholstery is a functional decoration or family heirloom, Greater Dallas upholstery cleaning by Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can help make sure it stays looking great. Dirty upholstery can ruin the look of an entire room, don’t let that happen to you.

Dark spots, smudges and layers of dirt and oil are all signs that your upholstery is getting dirty. This happens through no fault of yours. Regular use will cause upholstery to be dirty. When that happens, cleaning it yourself can lead to damage that could cost you more or damage a piece you care about.

Oxi Fresh cleans using modern solutions and revolutionary cleaning equipment. We can get almost any piece of upholstery clean no matter how dirty or delicate it is. We won’t damage your upholstery when we clean. Oxi Fresh can spare you the stress and worry of dirty upholstery, so let us work for you. 

To get our Greater Dallas upholstery cleaning, call our Scheduling Center at 214-960-1008.

How Oxi Fresh Cleans Upholstery

If you need upholstery cleaning, Oxi Fresh is here to help. Keep reading to get an idea of how we will provide that upholstery cleaning for you. 

Step 1

We will begin by inspecting the piece of upholstery you want us to clean. During the inspection we will find the thickest layers of dirt and oil, as well as any damage that was already there. 

Step 2

Pretreatment begins when we apply an enzyme-powered formula to the thickest layers of dirt and grime. This formula will break up the layers, no matter how thick, without harming the delicate fabric of your upholstery. 

Step 3

With pretreatment finished, we will apply an encapsulating rinse to your piece. This captures grit and debris in micro-crystals for easy removal and helps us protect your upholstery from damage. 

Step 4

The Oxi Pro upholstery cleaning machine will be used on your upholstery. This machine, along with our core cleaning solutions, will help us gently wash and extract the grime from your upholstery. 

Step 5

Once we have finished cleaning, your technician will set up fans. These fans will move air around the piece and promote faster drying. 

Reasons to Choose Oxi Fresh

  • Our Greater Dallas upholstery cleaning is gentle and effective.
  • We competitively price all of our cleaning services.
  • Appointments are made on time, not in large windows.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.6 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 227 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Great Job Thank You MW. - Dallas, TX - 01/23/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Easy to schedule, friendly and polite staff. SK. - Dallas, TX - 12/26/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
I will never know if OxyFresh really works because our nice guy didn't move ANY furniture..which included a few pillows that were in the corner. The room had almost no furniture, but the things like small table, baskets, etc - were just cleaned around. Which means the entire reason I didn't do the job myself was a waste...and a very expensive waste. I have followed up with review but heard nothing. MC. - Dallas, TX - 11/21/2023
(2.0 Out of 5 stars)
Scott Renegar and Graham Read

Meet Scott Renegar and Graham Read


Scott Renegar and Graham Read are proud of the Greater Dallas upholstery cleaning they provide. Scott and Graham know how delicate and essential upholstery is. They will get your upholstery clean without damaging it. Give them a chance to show you what an Oxi Fresh cleaning can do for your home!

Carpet Cleaning

In addition to Greater Dallas upholstery cleaning, Oxi Fresh can also clean your carpet. Spare yourself the worry and anxiety that comes with dirty carpets and upholstery. With Oxi Fresh on your side you will be free to get back to enjoying hosting guests and having a clean home. 

To get our cleaning services, call our Scheduling Center at 214-960-1008.

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