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Hillsboro, OR - Steam Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning and Hillsboro Steam Cleaning

Are you tired of your carpets not getting as clean as you’d like after ordering a professional cleaning? If you’re in Hillsboro, that’s a problem of the past—because now Oxi Fresh is here to provide a superior, more advanced carpet cleaning solution than any local steam cleaner could ever provide.

Across the Hillsboro community, our approach stands head and shoulders above the conventional steam cleaning methods you may be used to. Not only does Oxi Fresh deliver a deep, thorough clean that breathes new life into your carpets, but our eco-friendly techniques conserve water and give you a quicker drying time. Combine that with our exceptional customer service, and it’s clear why Oxi Fresh is one of the top choices for carpet cleaning in the Hillsboro area.

Want to see these fantastic results for yourself? Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment right away by using the Oxi Fresh Online Scheduler or calling 503-616-7577 now.

Experience the Oxi Fresh Difference: Our Unique Carpet Cleaning Approach

Unlike traditional carpet cleaning methods using steam cleaning approaches, Oxi Fresh has revolutionized how Hillsboro carpets are cleaned. Our cutting-edge, five-step process ensures a deep, effective clean every time:

Step 1: First, we conduct a thorough inspection of your carpet. Our trained technicians identify any heavily soiled areas that may require special attention.

Step 2: For the more stubborn spots, we apply our enzyme-based pretreatment solution, specifically designed to break down tough dirt and grime at a molecular level.

Step 3: Once the pretreatment solution has done its job, we administer the core Oxi Fresh cleaning solution across the entire carpet. This involves an oxygenated booster that effectively loosens dirt particles, as well as an encapsulator that traps these particles in microscopic crystals.

Step 4: Next, we put our OF1000 carpet cleaning machine to work. This sophisticated equipment dives deep into the carpet pile, extracting the encapsulated soil, and refreshing the entire carpet.

Step 5: To finish off, we vacuum and groom the carpet meticulously. The end result is a carpet that not only looks clean, but feels clean and is clean.

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Kyle Davey

Meet Kyle Davey


We’re proud to introduce Ruchit and Neha Shah, the enthusiastic professionals at the helm of the Oxi Fresh team in Hillsboro. With their commitment to delivering excellent customer service and deep understanding of our innovative carpet cleaning methods, Ruchit and Neha Shah are undoubtedly among the best carpet cleaning specialists in the Hillsboro area.

Why We're Better Than Your Hillsboro Steam Cleaner

So, why should you choose Oxi Fresh over any Hillsboro steam cleaning options? Let us spell it out:

  • Our eco-friendly cleaning process uses an impressive 95% less water than traditional steam cleaning methods. This not only conserves precious resources but also means your carpets will dry in approximately one hour, as opposed to the 12-24 hours typically needed after a steam cleaning.
  • Our cleaning solutions are safe and kind to the environment, posing virtually no risk to children or pets.
  • We're incredibly proud to support and its efforts to combat the global water crisis, donating to this organization anytime a cleaning is booked online.

These are just a handful of the many reasons why Oxi Fresh is the preferred carpet cleaning choice for both homeowners and businesses in Hillsboro. Experience the Oxi Fresh difference for yourself by scheduling an appointment through our Online Scheduler or by calling 503-616-7577 today. Say goodbye to the old-school Hillsboro steam cleaning and step into the future with Oxi Fresh!

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