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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Greater Edmond, OK


Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning - Greater Edmond, OK

Are you tired of dealing with dingy and dirty carpet floors in your home? Has the busyness of life contributed to a blemished carpet? If so, a Greater Edmond carpet cleaning appointment from the experts at Oxi Fresh is just what you need.

But why Oxi Fresh? Well, carpet cleanings are normally a major inconvenience. Steam cleanings can take up to 24 hours to dry fully, which is a big headache if you have a busy lifestyle.

Luckily, Oxi Fresh is the answer! Our low-moisture carpet cleanings can remove grime and debris with ease, and your floors will dry in about one hour. If you’re tired of dealing with the long dry times of old-fashioned steam cleaners, then give Oxi Fresh a call and book your modern, convenient cleaning appointment today!

Call 405-778-2020 or use our handy Online Scheduler to book your carpet cleaning in Greater Edmond today!

A Better Way To Clean

Our modern take on carpet cleaning produces premium results. Our cleanings are tough on dirt but gentle on carpets and safe for the planet.

That all sounds great, but how exactly are we cleaning your home? What’s our process? Let’s take a closer look:

Step 1: We first examine your floors, taking notice of areas of heavy soiling.

Step 2: Then treat those soiled sections of the carpet with our enzyme-boosted pretreatment solution.

Step 3: Next, we treat your floors using our main cleaning formula. This cleaning process combines our encapsulator with our oxygen-infused booster. This combination breaks down areas of dirt and grime and then traps those particles in crystals.

Step 4: We then follow that up with our carpet cleaning machine. This machine uses special carpet cleaning brushes to agitate your floors to further break up any trapped debris.

Step 5: Finally, we thoroughly vacuum and groom your carpets. Once we finish this stage, your floors should look and feel fantastic.

Are you looking for the best carpet cleaning? Give our Scheduling Center a call or use our Online Scheduler to book today.

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Ashley Schubert

Meet Ashley Schubert


Are you tired of dealing with the pitfalls of the cleaning competition? Give our team a call today and schedule a cleaning with Ashley Schubert! Her Greater Edmond carpet cleaners have the skills and experience needed to remove dirt and debris fast. By the time they’re done, your floors can look clean and feel fresh once more.

Companies That Give Back in Edmond

We are proud of our environmentally conscious reputation. Our cleaning methods are designed to be eco-friendly and efficient, as we clean using kid and pet-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. Additionally, all of our cleaning equipment only needs a wall outlet for power rather than the polluting truck-mounted systems used by many of the competition.

We also use a water-conserving approach, as we use up to 95% less water than traditional steam cleaners! Not only do you get a quality carpet cleaning in Greater Edmond, but you can also rest easy knowing that we’re taking care of our environment as well.

More Than Green

More than just offering a green cleaning service, we also make a donation towards every time a client books a carpet cleaning through our Online Scheduler.

This nonprofit company has helped millions of people gain access to safe water, but there are millions more to go. When you book your next cleaning appointment with Oxi Fresh, be sure to use our Online Scheduler and help in their fight against the global water crisis that is affecting so many.

The World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is Helping Bring Water to the World

By scheduling online, you can help bring clean water to the millions of people around the world in need


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