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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
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Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 8am-7pm
Sat 8am-5pm
Sun Closed

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Minot, ND

Dirt, spots and grime love turning soft, fresh carpets into floors that are gross and dingy. Thankfully, there’s professional Minot carpet cleaning company that can rescue your carpets – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning.

Through the power of oxygen and our deep-cleaning machine, we can break down, capture, and extract years of dirt and debris in your carpet. Best of all, these quality results don’t come at the cost of a long, 24 hour dry time.

Unlike steam cleaners, Oxi Fresh doesn’t need to saturate your carpets in order to get quality results. In fact, our system is so effective that we can save a significant portion of the water that other cleaners end up wasting. Besides being better for the environment, this also gives you a fast dry time of just about one hour.

Great results and fast dry times – most companies would be content with that, but not Oxi Fresh. We’re also the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®! Oxi Fresh uses specially designed carpet products that get top-notch results while still being safe for pets and kids.

Go with the deep-cleaning, fast drying, green company – go with Oxi Fresh for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. Call us today or use our handy Online Scheduler to book your Minot carpet cleaning right away!

Meet Mike Burton - Jon Schmidt - Jordan Engel


Whether they are revitalizing a carpet or saving a favorite sofa, Mike, Jon and Jordan love serving their friends and neighbors as their Minot carpet cleaner. They take pride in being a local business owner and gets a real kick from the way their customers’ jaws drop when they see just how well Oxi Fresh cleans.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews

Average 3.4 stars - based on 16 reviews

Once he left and after a hour or so the spots came back. He was a very nice person , very polite. I did not receive a written receipt in details for his service . He says I got my discount but in my thoughts I'm no so sure. My carpet was really dirty and had several pet stains which he treated . Just seems like he was missing a step in cleaning . Most likely will not call on this service again.

- Minot, ND -06/12/2018
( 1.5 / 5 stars )

The guy that came to clean the furniture didn’t remove the stains we neeed removed. He actually made them worse by spreading them. When he left he didn’t clean up the mess he made and left water all over the floor. The solution he used left the material on some of my couches hard and “crunchy”. I’m not sure how to make it right. Maybe reclean the items de did not get the stain out of.

- Minot Afb, ND -06/07/2018
( 0 / 5 stars )

I was not impressed by the service I received. I had 3 chairs, 1loveseat and an sofa cleaned.First the guy showed up late but he did call ahead and notify me,so I can’t fault him for that and I did appreciate it. There was actually 2 members that showed up but only one actually did the cleaning while the other stayed in the van the whole time. Two of the chairs were white and had some dark stains on them that were not removed. He actually some how managed to spread the stain more so now my chairs are a brownish white. As for the other chair,sofa and love seat he left the fabric feeling hard and crunchy feeling once they dried. While cleaning my furniture the technician was very messy. He left my tile floors soaked with water that he did not clean up before he left. Will not be recommending this company to anyone.

- , -06/01/2018
( 2 / 5 stars )

- Minot, ND -05/18/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

In the Community

Mike, Jon and Jordan knows that their business has a responsibility to be a good steward of the environment and to help keep his community healthy. That’s why Minot is proud to offer green Minot carpet cleanings that still get outstanding results.

Oxi Fresh uses eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for kids and pets. We also use energy efficient equipment that doesn’t require power from a running vehicle – unlike a lot of steam cleaning equipment.

Our most important green practice, and the one Oxi Fresh takes the most pride in, is our water-conserving system. When Oxi Fresh cleans, we only need 2 gallons of water because our machines and solutions do the heavy lifting. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, will use anywhere from 40-60 gallons of water on a home.

We’re proud to save water, but even more proud to help people around the world get access to safe drinking water. Oxi Fresh is a sponsor of Water.org and their mission to help the 1 in 10 people who don’t have a reliable source of safe water. Whenever our customers book through the Online Scheduler, we donate to this amazing non-profit.

The next time you need a Minot carpet cleaning, head to www.oxifresh.com and book online. Your carpets will thank you, and you’ll help Water.org bring fresh water to people in need.

The top image is IMG_0439 by Charles Zangle. It is licensed under CC BY 2.0.