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Kokomo, IN - Steam Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning and Kokomo Steam Cleaning

Welcome to the ultimate cleaning experience with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Kokomo, Indiana! 

When you think of carpet cleaning, you probably picture cumbersome machines spewing steam and soaking your carpets. But that’s not the case with Oxi Fresh! That’s because we’re bringing an innovative, superior alternative to traditional Kokomo steam cleanings that can transform your carpets with an eco-friendly, fast-drying process. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning services offer a wide range of unique benefits, from quick drying times to increased safety for your family and pets. That means you can forget about your Kokomo steam cleaners from here on out.

So if you’re ready to see the Oxi Fresh difference in your home, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today. You can use our convenient Online Scheduler or call us directly at 765-614-3003.

Revolutionizing Carpet Cleaning with Oxi Fresh

What sets us apart is our unique carpet cleaning approach. Instead of a typical Kokomo steam cleaning, we use a process that is efficient, environmentally friendly, and incredibly effective:

Step 1: We start with a thorough inspection of your carpet to understand its condition and the degree of cleaning required.

Step 2: Our experts then apply an enzyme-based pretreatment to the most soiled areas, breaking down dirt and grime at the molecular level.

Step 3: We then cover the entire carpet with our proprietary Oxi Fresh cleaning blend, an innovative combination featuring an oxygenated booster and an encapsulating agent. This potent mix not only lifts dirt but also traps it in microscopic crystals.

Step 4: The next step involves our OF1000 carpet cleaning machine. Its dual, counter-rotating brushes dive deep into the carpet pile, extracting stubborn dirt particles.

Step 5: Post-cleaning, we vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any encapsulated debris.

Step 6: Finally, we groom your carpet, leaving it looking fresh and revitalized.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.8 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 8 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Colby did amazing work! I will be recommending Oxi Fresh to others! RB. - Kokomo, IN - 04/04/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
The man was well trained that cleaned the carpet. Looks good. WL. - Kokomo, IN - 11/04/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Brandon went above and beyond my expectation very pleased with results JK. - Kokomo, IN - 03/27/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Thomas Crowell

Meet Thomas Crowell


We’re proud to introduce Thomas Crowell, your local Oxi Fresh franchisee in Kokomo, Indiana. With an unswerving dedication to customer satisfaction, Thomas has emerged as one of the top carpet cleaning professionals in the Kokomo area, far surpassing any local steam cleaning services. His team's proficiency and attention to detail ensure that every Oxi Fresh customer receives a carpet cleaning service that is second to none.

Experience the Oxi Fresh Advantage

Choosing Oxi Fresh over traditional Kokomo steam cleaning isn't just about a cleaner carpet—it's about experiencing an entirely new standard of service. Here are just a few reasons why Oxi Fresh stands above the rest:

  • Fast-drying: Unlike traditional steam cleaning, which leaves your carpets soaked for up to 24 hours, our low-moisture process means your carpets will dry in about one hour.
  • Eco-friendly: We use green cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and pets. Additionally, our cleaning method conserves water, using 95% less than traditional steam cleaning.
  • Effective: Our innovative cleaning process eliminates stubborn dirt and grime, even reaching deep into your carpets to remove tough spots.
  • Social Responsibility: Oxi Fresh is proud to donate to for every job booked online. This helps bring safe water and sanitation to people in need around the world.

We invite you to experience the Oxi Fresh difference for yourself. Book an appointment today through our Online Scheduler or by calling us at 765-614-3003. Say goodbye to the drawbacks of Kokomo steam cleaning and hello to the future of carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh!

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