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Dothan, AL - Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Near Dothan

You’ll notice dark spots, discolorations, and oily smears on your upholstery when it starts getting dirty. Over time, dirt and grime build-up through nothing more than normal use. Dothan upholstery cleanings by Oxi Fresh can take care of that dirt and grime and leave your upholstery looking years younger. 

Oxi Fresh accomplishes these amazing results by relying on modern solutions, revolutionary cleaning machines, and highly trained technicians to perform exceptional upholstery cleanings throughout the Dothan area. This enables us to clean any upholstery, no matter how dirty it may be. Don’t risk using DIY products, as one mistake could ruin your favorite upholstery. 

No one wants to see dirty upholstery, and no one likes to use dirty upholstery. You don’t want to sit on visible grime and dirt. But don’t worry about your upholstery if you have Oxi Fresh cleaning it. You can spare yourself the embarrassment of having friends see such an eyesore sitting in your home. All it takes is one high-quality Oxi Fresh upholstery cleaning in Dothan. 

To book an upholstery cleaning in Dothan, call our Scheduling Center at 334-579-3255. You can also use our convenient Online Scheduler, if you’d prefer. 

How We Clean 

In order to get results, Oxi Fresh uses a 5-step process for all routine upholstery cleanings in Dothan. 

Step 1 – We begin with an inspection of the upholstery you need us to clean.

Step 2 – We will now apply pretreatment solution to the entire piece. This solution is powered by enzymes that will break down grime on a molecular level without harming the upholstery. 

Step 3 – The Oxi Fresh upholstery cleaning machine will now be used. This will help us to gently wash the piece, cleaning away any dirt, soiling, or other grime. 

Step 4 – When upholstery is washed, films and residues can appear as it dries. To prevent this, we will apply an encapsulating rinse in this step. 

Step 5 – Once the core cleaning is over, we will groom the piece for a pristine finish.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.9 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 74 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
I was very pleased with the carpet cleaning and the time it took to dry. I will be using you guys again. Thank you! SH. - dothan, AL - 05/31/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
John did an excellent job of cleaning our rug and furniture. He was able to remove stains and leave our home smelling fresh and clean. We were pleased with the dry time of the rug and furniture and very pleased with the cost. John was so polite and professional. We will be using his services again and highly recommend him to anyone needing carpet and/or upholstery cleaning. BS. - Marianna, FL - 05/11/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
I have cream, almost white, carpets. I loved it. We were not sure if the carpet would look good. We had some puppy Accidents along with high traffic dirt and John got my carpet looking new again. Thanks John and thank you oxi clean. TW. - Midland City, AL - 03/29/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
John Laseter

Meet John Laseter


John Laseter understands the complexity of Dothan upholstery cleanings. John Laseter and his team have extensive training and experience in this space, so they will be able to get your upholstery looking years younger. You can trust that Oxi Fresh will always do our absolute best for you during any Dothan upholstery cleaning service.

The Oxi Fresh Advantage

Here are a few of the advantages of having Oxi Fresh clean your Dothan upholstery. 

Amazing Results - It can be hard to get upholstery clean. Doing it yourself can lead to disaster. With Oxi Fresh, you don’t have to worry. We will get the upholstery looking years younger without damaging it. 

Eco-Friendly - Oxi Fresh cleans upholstery in Dothan with an eco-friendly system. We don’t use a lot of electricity or water, and we don’t use toxic solutions. Your children and pets will be safe with Oxi Fresh doing your cleaning for you. 

Easy Appointments - With Oxi Fresh, you get to decide when we come to clean for you. Select the time and date, and we’ll be there. We don’t use scheduling windows, so there’s no waiting around for us to show up to perform your Dothan upholstery cleanings. 

Additional Cleaning Services

At Oxi Fresh, we love the upholstery cleanings in Dothan that we offer. We also love our carpet and other professional cleaning services, too. Whatever type of cleaning you hire us for, we know that you will love the results we get for you. 

To schedule an upholstery cleaning in Dothan with Oxi Fresh, please use our handy Online Scheduler. If you’d prefer, you can also call our team at 334-579-3255.

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