Commercial Floor Cleaning Can Keep Your Properties Looking Great

Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning

Good businesspeople know the importance of maintaining their investments, and wood floors are a valuable investment. They are incredibly versatile and can lend a space a sense of prestige, modernity, or timelessness. Oxi Fresh’s commercial wood floor cleanings can help you keep that investment looking beautiful.

Our commercial wood floor cleaning system can clean solid hardwoods, engineered floors, even laminates and vinyl. Oxi Fresh leaves these floors in exceptional condition, removing oils and dirt and leaving your business looking better than ever.

After our commercial hardwood cleaning, Oxi Fresh can also refinish your floors – all without the massive inconvenience and expense of a traditional sand and refinishing process. Our system allows for a beautiful new finish in just a fraction of the time, and with no compromise in terms of the quality or depth of the finish.

Oxi Fresh’s commercial wood floor cleaning system is also highly convenient. There is no sanding or sawdust, just a timely appointment designed to create as little downtime for your business as possible.

Call 1-877-OXIFRESH today to find out about commercial wood floor cleanings in your area.

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PR. - Bloomsbury, NJ - 03/04/2019
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You did awesome job on the rugs I would recommend you to people who ask me CL. - Myrtle Beach, SC - 03/04/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
First of all, I did not receive any prior notification from the technician confirming the appointment. Only AFTER contacting Oxi Fresh did the technician call to say he was enroute. Furthermore, he arrived 30 minutes late! The job was so-so and merely looked more like a good vacuuming than a cleaning. Some areas were noticeably clean but for the most part, I could have done a better job by hand. You can determine for yourself what corrective actions to employ. TP. - Clinton, MD - 03/04/2019
(1.5 Out of 5 stars)

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