Ray & Renee Taylor

Spring Upholstery Cleaning


Spring Upholstery Cleaning

A dirty, dingy couch gives off an immediate impression to guests. Is that the kind of impression you wish to leave? If not, Oxi Fresh’s Spring upholstery cleanings are just the thing for you. Our specialized cleanings will refresh your furniture so its beauty can shine forth once again.

Our team at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has what it takes to put a smile on your face every time a guest compliments you on your gorgeous and freshly cleaned upholstery.

Interested? Get in touch with our excellent Scheduling Center at 832-900-2728, or book via our instant Online Scheduler. Our team is ready to help you today!

What We Do

If you like the sound of a top-notch upholstery cleaning in Spring brought to you at affordable prices, Oxi Fresh is the cleaning company you’ve been searching for. Our methods are unique and high quality, bringing premium upholstery cleaning to homes and businesses far and wide. 

Our skilled technicians utilize eco-friendly cleaning solutions mixed with high-quality equipment delivered straight to your front door. Our cleaning team has what it takes to leave your furniture looking years younger in just one appointment. 

Allow us to explain exactly how we’ll be taking care of your furniture with our upholstery cleaning services: 

Step 1

We will begin by conducting a thorough investigation of your furniture. We check all over, noting any specific areas that are especially dirty. We then communicate our results to you and allow you to get a clear understanding of the results you can anticipate. 

Step 2

We then apply our enzyme-infused pretreatment solution to your upholstery, with special attention paid to any spots previously identified by our investigation. This formula breaks down dirt or grime that sunken into your upholstery. 

Step 3

After our pretreatment has been applied, we put our Spring upholstery cleaning machine to use. This machine rinses your furniture and removes any dirt particles that have been broken down by the pretreatment formula. 

Step 4

We then move on to our specialized cleaning encapsulating rinse. This is applied to the entirety of your upholstery. 

Step 5

Lastly, we carefully groom your furniture and strategically place fans to shorten the expected drying time. 

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Ray & Renee Taylor

Meet Ray and Renee Taylor


Furniture adds value to any living space, and the Taylors understands that keenly. Their team of trained Spring upholstery cleaners is specifically trained and mentored on how to have your furniture looking renewed and refreshed quickly. This crew of cleaning experts works hard to fight grime and dirt, and to leave your furniture looking years younger. You won’t find a better team than Ray, Renee, and their crew. Reach out today, they look forward to assisting you!

Why Oxi Fresh?

Excellent Reputation
Our incredible reputation as upholstery cleaners in Spring did not come by chance. We work hard to ensure every person we assist receives a quality cleaning.

Convenient Scheduling
The convenience that comes with booking an Oxi Fresh cleaning is unmatched. Our incredible customer service team is friendly and helpful, you also always have the option to book your Spring upholstery cleaning instantly through our Online Scheduler.

Eco-Friendly and Gentle Solutions
At Oxi Fresh, we’re known for being green. We take being eco-friendly seriously, and you can always rely on us to utilize upholstery cleaning solutions that are safe for the planet.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleanings

Do you have carpet in your office or at your home that could use a good cleaning? Do you want those stubborn stains and spots erased? Oxi Fresh would love to assist you with our excellent carpet cleaning services. Book your session today to see years of grime and dirt removed and the natural beauty of your carpet renewed. 

Give us a call at 832-900-2728 or use our Online Scheduler to get in touch!

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