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Spring Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Spring Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A Spring hardwood floor cleaning is crucial when it comes to keeping a hardwood floor looking fresh. The question is who do you hire? If you desire excellent results at an affordable price, Oxi Fresh is the only choice. 

Our modern cleaning methods produce outstanding results when combined with premium equipment and highly trained floor cleaning technicians. A single appointment with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has the potential to revitalize your floor and brush away dirt and grime as if it never existed. 

Interested? Get ahold of our Scheduling Center at 832-900-2728 for our booking times and more information on pricing. 

What Do We Do For You?

Do you have a desire to see your floors refreshed, but have reservations about the process? Perhaps you don’t want dirt and sawdust from a harsh floor sanding to cover your home. Maybe you aren’t looking forward to a harsh cleaning wearing down your gentle floors. These are normally valid concerns, but thankfully with Oxi Fresh, there’s no need to be concerned. 

Our specialized cleaning methods have removed the need for harshly sanding down your flooring. Our treatments are gentle and kind to your flooring, and we produce excellent results efficiently and safely. Let’s take a closer look at what a Spring hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh looks like. 

Step 1 – We first begin by inspecting your floors, making sure to identify any possible patches of concern or areas that are heavily damaged.

Step 2 – We then begin to thoroughly vacuum your flooring to make sure there are no particles left on the surface of your floor that would otherwise hinder our cleaning process. 

Step 3 – Then, we introduce our pretreatment solution to the floors via the OF2000. The OF2000 is a professional hardwood floor cleaning machine that can apply our formulas, thoroughly scrub your flooring, and then extract the grime and spent solution seamlessly and safely. 

Step 4 – After we apply, agitate, and extract the pretreatment using the OF2000, we follow up with our second cleaning solution. This should leave the floors looking fantastic.

Step 5 (OPTIONAL) – After your Spring hardwood floor cleaning has taken place, you may wish to add our Oxi Floor Refinisher, a semi-gloss urethane coating that has a lovely look.

Acrylic Wax Removal

If you have attempted a DIY floor cleaning before your appointment, chances are you’ve used a cleaning product that contains acrylic wax. This ingredient is common in DIY floor cleaners and leaves a sheen on your flooring that eventually fades. 

What you may not realize is that the acrylic wax in the product does not go away with time, and has to be removed for your flooring to be properly cleaned. Oxi Fresh offers an additional service to remove this stubborn grime, allowing your hardwood floors to be properly cleaned.

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Your company was on time. It was very easy to book online DM. - Kimberly, WI - 08/11/2022
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The product and Bruce were awesome. I would definitely tell anyone to use the product and ask for Bruce, in the Brenham Texas area. Good price too. TB. - Chappell Hill, TX - 08/11/2022
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Cynthia & Billy Kellough

Meet Ray and Renee Taylor


Need your floors cleaned? The Taylors and their team of Spring hardwood floor cleaners are the people for you! When you book a cleaning with the Taylors, you can rest easy knowing that a hard-working and well-trained team of floor cleaning professionals are the ones responsible for providing you with excellent results.

Why Do People Choose Oxi Fresh?

No More Sandings - Our cleaning process has eliminated the need for sandings and varnishes. Our gentle but thorough cleanings can put your mind at ease because you know that sawdust and multi-day treatments are a thing of the past with Oxi Fresh.

Efficient Cleanings - Since we have removed sandings from the equation, our cleanings are even more expedient than you could have imagined. We clean efficiently and effectively.

Convenient Bookings - Our cleanings are scheduled for the times that you choose. Tell us when to show up and we’ll be there ready to work. Appointment windows and unclear booking times are a thing of the past when you book with Oxi Fresh.

Additional Services

Odds are that you have a lot more than just hardwood floors in your home. Oxi Fresh offers tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and disinfection cleaning to take care of your whole house!

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