Steve and Saundraea Colburn

North Dallas Commercial Carpet Cleaner


North Dallas Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Now, more than ever, it’s important to maintain a hygienic workplace. The right North Dallas commercial carpet cleaner can help keep your floors free of dirt and grime. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers maintenance services that make it simple to schedule regular carpet cleanings. Fresh floors help make your business attractive for employees and guests and also help create a healthy work environment.

At Oxi Fresh, our innovative cleaning method uses the power of oxygen to clean your floors. Our cleaning solutions are tough on dirt and grime but gentle on your carpets. Unlike many traditional cleaning techniques, your floors will dry quickly after an Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning. In fact, you can expect your floors to dry in about one hour. Plus, our cleaning products are safe to use around children and pets, so we are able to clean just about any type of commercial property or business. 

Heavily soiled floors are no match for our world-class products and professional-grade equipment. We also offer convenient appointment times that make it easy for our North Dallas commercial carpet cleaner to fit into your busy day.

Ready to learn more? Call our friendly Scheduling Center at 972-535-7711 to request your next appointment. We look forward to assisting you! 

The Advantage of Oxi Fresh 

We know you have options for North Dallas commercial carpet cleaners. So what makes Oxi Fresh different from the competition?    

Affordable Prices and Maintenance Services: Our commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance service makes it easy to keep your floors pristine. We can customize a cleaning schedule to meet your frequency requirements and budget. 

Safe and Eco-Friendly: Our green carpet solutions are safe for the environment and safe for children and pets. At Oxi Fresh, we use energy-efficient equipment that also uses less water than traditional steam cleaning equipment. Our method conserves water with every cleaning.

Fast Drying: No one wants to wait hours and hours for their carpets to dry! With Oxi’s Fresh’s commercial carpet cleanings, your clean carpets will be dry in about one hour.


Five Steps to Clean

We’ve developed a superior process that ensures your carpets will look incredible after every cleaning. Our experienced technicians know how to eliminate the dirt and grime that can make your floors look dingy. Here’s what you can expect when you book an appointment with Oxi Fresh:

Step 1 – First, we will carefully examine your carpets. We will note any heavily soiled areas that may need additional attention.

Step 2 – Next, we will treat the heavily soiled areas with a powerful pretreatment solution. 

Step 3 – Then, we apply our special oxygenated cleaning solution across all of your carpets. This product has two unique components that work together. First, an oxygenated booster dissolves dirt and oils. Second, an encapsulator surrounds the molecules of dirt with tiny crystals, making them easier to remove. 

Step 4 – Then, we use the Oxi Fresh cleaning machine to whisk away the dissolved soil. Our specialized equipment has dual, counter-rotating brushes that remove dirt and debris gently, without compressing your floor. 

Step 5 – Finally, we vacuum and groom your carpets to give them a professional finish. Your carpets will look noticeably cleaner!

Are you ready to give Oxi Fresh a try? Call 972-535-7711 to speak to one of our friendly representatives at our Scheduling Center. We’d be happy to answer any questions or reserve your next appointment.

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Victor was great. He called to see if he he could come early…so he arrived one time and went straight to work. My home spelled super fresh without a chemical odor. Super great prices as well. Very accommodating appointment scheduling too Thank you. Wendy WH. - Vernon, CT - 09/26/2021
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Steve and Saundraea Colburn

Meet Steve and Saundraea Colburn


Steve and Saundraea Colburn know how to produce real results on dirty floors. They use proven products and innovative cleaning equipment to erase spots and spills. You can count on the Colburns for reliable service. Regular cleanings can help prolong the life of your floors. Give the Colburns a call to make them your North Dallas commercial carpet cleaners!

Residential Carpet Cleanings

Oxi Fresh also offers residential carpet cleaning services so you can enjoy fresh, hygienic floors at home. Just like our commercial carpet cleanings, we use safe, eco-friendly products that pack tremendous clean power. Plus, your floors will dry quickly - in about one hour!

Whether you need commercial or residential cleanings, you can trust the professionals at Oxi Fresh! Call us today at 972-535-7711 to reserve your next appointment!

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