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Grapevine Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Grapevine Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Wood floors can be a beautiful part of any home and they’re long-wearing, making them a great investment. That said, without regular Grapevine hardwood floor cleanings, these floors will gradually lose their appeal. Their luster and depth will get lost under thin layers of impacted dirt, oils, and grime that regular mopping and vacuuming can’t erase.

Thankfully, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s hardwood cleaning service can revitalize these floors. Using a carefully designed hardwood floor cleaning processes, we can eliminate the toughest buildups of grime and dirt. This allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through once more.

Best of all, we do NOT sand your flooring. Our cleaning process does not expose your home to unnecessary sanding, sawdust, or varnishes. Instead, our expert team uses powerful but safe solutions combined with modern equipment to leave your floors looking lovely.

Protect the investment you made into your home and don’t let your lovely hardwood floors fall victim to dirt and oils. Contact our Scheduling Center today to book a professional Grapevine hardwood floor cleaning service.

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Jason came and did an outstanding job! Very kind and professional! Took his time in each room! My carpets look amazing and the house smells fresh!! Definitely recommend them! And the price was very fair! WM. - Billings, MT - 08/10/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
When Ricky left, my carpets were very clean And the nap was standing up looking and smelling so vibrant. Your product and service is excellent !! BR. - Marietta, GA - 08/10/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
The whole house looked amazing afterwards. JB. - Salisbury, NC - 08/10/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Monty and Karrie Shipp

Meet Monty and Karrie Shipp


When you need the hardwood floors in your home revitalized, the Shipps have you covered. With their expertise and hard work, your floors will look and feel better than they have in years. They can’t wait to clean for you!

The Benefits of Choosing Oxi Fresh

Other than having a reputation for delivering quality results – check out our customer reviews – there are a range of other benefits to choosing Oxi Fresh as your Grapevine hardwood cleaning company of choice.

Removal of Acrylic Wax

Understandably, people want to keep their hardwood flooring looking great. However, most of the DIY hardwood cleaning solutions are packed with acrylic waxes. Although they do give the floors a nice shine, that soon starts to fade. When the homeowner applies another layer to get that shine back, that ends up leaving even more wax masking the true appeal of the wooden floor.

Oxi Fresh offers a service to remove this acrylic wax buildup so that your floors can look lovely again.

Zero Sanding

Unlike other hardwood cleaning companies, we do not use sandpaper to clean your floors. Instead, we use non-intrusive hardwood cleaning solutions that effectively break down dirt and grime while still being gentle on the wood floors.

Quicker Cleaning Times

Because we avoid the long-drawn-out process of sanding when we clean your hardwood floors, our work is carried out effectively and efficiently. This greatly minimizes any disruption to your home and ensures a hassle-free way to get your hardwood floor cleaning.

Flexible Appointments

We know you’re busy, and at Oxi Fresh, we offer professional hardwood cleanings at times to suit you. Plus, we don’t offer those annoying “window” appointments, the kind where they’ll say they’ll be out there “between noon and four.” At Oxi Fresh, when you pick an appointment time, that’s when we’ll arrive.

What are you waiting for? Contact our Scheduling Center to book your hardwood floor cleaning appointment today!

The Oxi Fresh Hardwood Floor Cleaning Method

How exactly does Oxi Fresh clean wood floors? After all, if normal scrubbing can’t get rid of the dirt, what can we do? A lot.

We employ powerful solutions that are tough on dirt but safe on wood floors. Our cleaning machine is an amazing piece of technology that combines product application, agitation, and extraction. That way, it can treat the floors with our solutions without running the risk of overwetting the wood.

Plus, our cleaning method is very thorough. Let’s break down how our expert cleaners will eliminate the dirt on your floors:

Step 1 – Before the cleaning begins, we will perform a thorough examination of the hardwood floors you want to get cleaned. At this stage, we look for any specific problem areas to make sure we can treat them properly.

Step 2 – We will then carefully vacuum the flooring to remove any fine dust or dirt that could act as an abrasive during the cleaning process.

Step 3 – Using our hardwood cleaning machine, the OF2000, we apply our pretreatment. As the product is applied, the machine will also agitate the wood floor, breaking up the film of dirt and grime. The machine then extracts this all to ensure the wood doesn’t get too wet.

Step 4 – Next, we will repeat this process again, but this time, we use our core hardwood cleaning solution. Once complete, your hardwood flooring will look years younger.

Step 5 – Optional

If you want, we will then apply a floor refinisher, which gives your floors an additional coating that provides extra protection and a pleasant sheen.

Extra Services

Oxi Fresh offers a lot more than just hardwood floor cleaning. Our tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and disinfection cleaning services are the best on the market, and they're available for both residential and commercial clients!

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