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Central Greensboro Commercial Carpet Cleaner


Central Greensboro Commercial Carpet Cleaner

As a business owner, maintaining a healthy workspace is vital. Choosing Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning as your Central Greensboro commercial carpet cleaner can help turn your home or office into a healthy environment! Our innovative products and expert team can get your property’s carpets looking years younger in no time!

Oxi Fresh’s proven process gives your carpets a thorough cleaning, and it’s sure to be noticed by employees and visitors alike. Our oxygen-powered products are not only effective, they’re also gentle and eco-friendly! So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your employees, clients, or the environment when you choose Oxi Fresh! 

Could your office carpets use a little sprucing up? You can rely on us as your Central Greensboro commercial carpet cleaner! Call our Scheduling Center at 336-645-3700 or visit our Online Scheduler today! 

The Oxi Fresh Advantage

Oxi Fresh isn’t like other carpet cleaning companies. Our unique process and unparalleled standard of service certainly sets us apart, but take a look at a few other advantages Oxi Fresh has to offer: 

Affordable Pricing and Maintenance Programs: We strive to provide our world-class carpet cleaning at a competitive, affordable price. Additionally, our team enjoys creating maintenance schedules for your commercial carpet cleaning needs. As a business owner, you have plenty on your plate, and these custom cleaning schedules remove the worry of keeping your carpets clean.

Eco-Friendly: The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®, Oxi Fresh’s Central Greensboro commercial carpet cleaner is safe for your staff, customers, and the environment! Additionally, our process is energy efficient, conserving 95% of the water traditional steam cleaners waste! 

Convenient, Fast Dry Times: Our low-moisture commercial carpet cleanings leave your carpets dry in about one hour!

Our Proven Cleaning Process

Let’s take a look at the proven, five-step process when you choose Oxi Fresh as your Central Greensboro commercial carpet cleaner: 

Step 1 – We thoroughly inspect your property’s carpet, checking for any heavily soiled areas or areas that may require special attention. 

Step 2 – Then, we apply our pretreatment solution to any areas needing specialized treatment.

Step 3 – Next, we apply our unique oxygenated cleaning solution. This solution contains an oxygenated booster that breaks down dirt and grime from deep within your carpet’s fibers. It also contains an encapsulator, which does the incredible job of trapping dirt and grime into tiny crystals incapable of reattaching to your carpet’s fibers!

Step 4 – We use our incredible cleaning machine to thoroughly clean your carpets. Powered by dual, counter-rotating brushes, this machine reaches deep into the carpet pile to remove dirt and debris without compressing your carpets!
Step 5 – To finish, we vacuum and groom your carpets, leaving a truly professional finish!

Interested in a Central Greensboro commercial carpet cleaning? Visit our Online Scheduler or call or Scheduling Center at 336-645-3700 today!

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PA. - Verona, WI - 08/10/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
When Ricky left, my carpets were very clean And the nap was standing up looking and smelling so vibrant. Your product and service is excellent !! BR. - Marietta, GA - 08/10/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Oxifresh is an amazing product. Area rugs are cleaner and brighter. Oxifresh has a pleasant fragrance. We had two rugs cleaned. One was on hard wood floors and the other on tile. The techniques used to clean the rugs did not damage underlying surfaces. Previously, we sent our rugs out for cleaning because other companies did not offer assurance that the rugs could be cleaned in place without penetration to the floors. This was such an easy process. We will definitely use this service again. Thank you! VF. - Brunswick, GA - 08/10/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Eric Mwirigi

Meet Eric Mwirigi


Ready for your office space to be revitalized? Eric Mwirigi understands. He and his team combine Oxi Fresh’s professional-grade products and modern equipment to get your carpets looking and feeling fantastic! Eric and his team look forward to cleaning for you soon!

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services Available!

Did you know Oxi Fresh offers outstanding carpet cleaning services to both commercial and residential properties? So whether your needs are at home, the office, or both, we can handle it! No matter the source of the dirt and grime, our team is ready. We can get your carpets looking fresher, cleaner, and years younger in as little as one appointment, so give us a call today! We also help with tile and grout cleanings, hardwood floor cleanings, an alternative to steam cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, and disinfection services.

Call 336-645-3700 today to book us as your next Central Greensboro carpet cleaner! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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